Following the eclipse
We have entered an important time of release
You may go through a sudden challenging situation, out of no where.
Don’t take things personally.
People may behave bizarre, but they are merely showing you their true colors
And the universe is doing you a service by removing those who do not align with your highest good from your life.
Dont try to make things that are not meant for you work. 
If dynamics are not in integrity 
Dont try to fit in, dont hold on
Just thank your angels and the situation
For helping you move on and outta there
Towards your higher path
Attracting towards you those who vibe with you
This situation is also an opportunity for you to purify old wounds of not being accepted or embraced, treated badly, abused etc
Leading you to old feelings of not being enough
One last time for you to see very clearly 
That the misconduct of others has absolutely nothing to do with your value and everything to do with their own issues.
You just happened to be the easy nearby scapegoat.
In fact, it is your light that triggers them to react, as they do not feel comfortable in their own skin. 
Today is a point to remember, in which you turn that corner of feeling less, feeling victimized, rather after all your deep hard work and dedication to the path, you can honestly recognize your own integrity and celebrate yourself, while you witness what truly is occurring before you without taking any of it onto yourself, but even feeling some compassion for whoever is acting out of dishonesty, for you realize how removed they are from their own light.
Avoid confrontation and wish them to find their way.
Release the situation and know that this has served a higher purpose and any practical issue this may have created will find its solution if you just stay calm and open for signs. 
Celebrate yourself and the opening this has created for you to modify your life to align even more with your higher path, including more honest people to co create with.

Preparing for your mission

There is a part of you
That is timeless, formless 
Pure light
When you cling to memories, pain, things, situations, people 
You are clinging to fear
And forgetting the essence of who you are
You are in this world 
But not of this world 
You have the possibility 
At any given moment 
To lift yourself 
Above and beyond 
And remember who you are. 
Everything you have ever lived
And are living
Are experiences, lessons 
That mold your understanding 
Of the human experience
And prepare you for your higher mission. 
Emotions are present
But do not attach yourself 
To what is to be passing 
And ever flowing during your time here on planet earth.
See the value of the tools you are acquiring 
To strengthen yourself, to understand and help others. 
You are so much more than all these incidents that occur for you
No one is truly an enemy, but a sister/brother on the journey, who may or may not know his way, but will find it eventually, for we all came from the same creation and we all are headed eventually in the same direction, to the ever expanding light of creation. 
Look within
Find your truth
Find your essence 
Your purpose, your passion, your mission 
Connect with your guides and angels 
They are your most trustworthy allies
Tune in to what you are here to learn and do
Listen for the signs
When you begin to understand
You will see the significance of all your challenges 
Let go
Release your grip
On what you thought was yours
What you thought was right
What you thought Is the way things should be
A big part of what you’re going through
Is for you to release all your conditioning
And rediscover your real inner truth
That of your creation. 
As we adhere to society we tend to please, harmonize and adapt to fit in
But lose ourselves in the process. 
Pulling away from influences that do not align with our highest good, allows us to finally recover our own truth and purpose.
Do not be afraid to be alone for a while
To find yourself, your soul
After which the jewel in you can shine forth brighter than ever before
And become who you are meant to be
Following your vocation. 
Learn to constantly let go
And go with the flow 
Appreciate everything that comes your way for it is always heaven sent
With some kind of purpose 
Appreciate yourself for going through your experiences with your best efforts of carrying the light
Forgive yourself and others for any misgivings
Travel light
Don’t carry any unnecessary weight, burdens or regrets 
Nothing is lost or wasted
All is gained
Move towards your mission 
More polished, more prepared 
Connect inwards to your higher wisdom and with your Celestial team regularly 
Focus on your path
And remember 
Who you are 

On purpose or by default

We are heading towards a new moon and full solar eclipse on the 4.12
Very powerful energy
You may already be feeling it
Your world as you know it is about to be eclipsed, transformed
Gradually, during the recent 2 yrs or so you have been prepared and have begun to feel the changes
You have been prompted to change with the current 
Now transformation will be more pertinent
On the 12.12.21 we will enter an important portal through to the 21.12.21
Which will mark the ending of a significant chapter in your life
Leading to new beginings
Now is a time
To choose your life on purpose
Not by defaut
You have come here
For a Divine purpose
And that role is about to unfold before you
If you are open to receive 
And choose to align with your higher path 
Now is the time to pay close attention and intention
How you spend your time here
How you spend your every moment
Is it purposeful
Is it with intention
Is it with meaning, value
Despite understandable anxiety
Surrounding all the uncertainty 
Make a point not to escape
And fill yourself with lower energies
Distracting you from your path and sacred energy
Check in on yourself
And see if you can refrain from social media completely or as much as possible
For a trial period of 1-3 days
See what you experience 
Enjoy some precious quiet
You may find more connection with your higher guidance 
You may hear yourself, your soul
You may suddenly remember 
What your soul truly enjoys
Some good music Hobbies, creativity, yearnings for true beauty and depth 
Pay attention how much precious time
Do you spend running away
From creating more true beauty in your life
Quality, health, vitality, expansion 
Choose your experiences, your investments, your interactions, your interests
Quality over quantity 
Stop running away
Be loyal to who you came here to be and experience 
Be loyal to you
To your sacred creation
Open yourself 
To Enrich yourself 
Your New doors are about to open
You have the chance to become 
Your best version of yourself 
Be prepared 

What we’re waiting for

On a global level we are waiting for a higher percentage of the population to awaken for us to see major changes in the physical. 
On a personal level, the Universe waits for a higher percentage of yourself to awaken for you to manifest the important changes you are wishing for in the physical. 
We have made so much progress and we are so close 
We are receiving massive assistance from the powers of light
And those of us who are open to it are anchoring this light for ourselves and others more than ever before. 
What we need now is to look deep within and see what part of ourselves is still not fully open, allowing
What part of us is still hanging on to the blockage, the fear, the doubt..?
It is understandable that after going through so many challenges, you may have much of your guards up, disbelieving in any possible goodness to come out of people, situations, or even of yourself.
Open your arms and stretch them wide Open
Work on your body and spirit to re-open to life, to the magic of the universe, to the wonderful path of your own creation. 
You may have gone through hardships, but they had a purpose of chiseling away the debris and recovering the jewel that is your sacred creation to become the wonderful expression and contribution to the world that you are. 
You are needed
Here and now
You were called to be here at this time and your path is about to unfold if you let go of whatever disbeliefs you have and allow it to. 
At this time, work diligently on detecting and releasing any negativity to your own beautiful life flow and expression. 
Check your self talk
Check your reactions
Check your blockages
Resolve to color your day with a positive flow, no matter what seems to be going on. 
Cut out negative influences
Put on your favorite music
Sing, dance, shake your body a bit
And release stagnant, blocked energy.
Find your groove again 
Only you know what gets you going
Find your passions
Re-open those boxes
Find what makes you smile, laugh chuckle
Beauty is all around 
It never left
After a whole lot of deception, hiding, releasing and healing
 It’s time to reconnect 
To what makes you feel alive again
Tune into that spark of yours
Let it help you burst out of any negative energy
This is what the universe wants to see from you so it can respond tenfold
Tune into your life-force 
And life will respond to you

The courage to transform

You may be going through some heavy shedding
The intense energy is pushing out of you
Some very deep darkness to the surface to be released Some you may not have known existed. You have become so accommodating of other energies, adaptive and conditioned that you just don’t realize. 
You have come here to be love, light and healing for yourself, for your loved ones and for the world. In order to embody that fully, everything that does not allow and align must be released. It is a difficult and sometimes painful process.
The more we hold hidden and unaware within us, the more challenging it is to release. 
Stay open and conscious to everything that comes up for you in the process. 
Allow yourself to feel and move through emotions consciously for their release. 
Allow for a good cry and let it go. 
Transmute resentment and anger into surrender, trust and peace. 
Nothing is worth hanging on to anger and bitterness. 
Have faith in your sacred creation, honor your path and the path of others. 
Allow us all to evolve according to the Divine’s plan. 
Have faith
Un denying faith. 
When the sun seems covered
Be the source of light
You have within from source
Stay focused
Don’t give into despair or lower energies
Support and nourish yourself With warmth and comfort 
Find what makes your heart sing Music, dance, art, nature
You know what your soul yearns for
Be attentive to it
Be your own sunshine
So that you can also become
The sunshine for others
In the New world we are about to create. 


A new path is unfolding for you
You may have sensed a bit about it by now, though it may not yet be apparent in the physical. 
You may feel excited and look forward impatiently
Though parts of you may feel apprehension, fears, concerns about certain aspects and whether or not you are ready, capable, ‘enough’ 
For what will be expected of you. 
Here is where things get interesting 
Things come bubbling to the surface
Either as you process your thoughts, you get triggered by something 
Or in dreamland. 
At first, you may not understand the connection 
But remember 
Nothing is without a higher purpose. 
Some old story may surface, or several 
And this story
May show you 
Where and why you feel stuck
In allowing yourself 
To accept your new path
With open arms 
And have the confidence 
To blossom fully
It may be an old story
One you’ve already analyzed 
So much
But if you’re willing 
To go deeper into your current fears
With total honesty 
And look at whatever may have surfaced
You may actually experience a breakthrough 
And touch the hurting spot
That still needs to be looked at,
Healed and released 
Remember Your spirit team is totally with you
And wish nothing more
Than for you to evolve and succeed
 Whatever is unfolding for you
Was Divinely created for you
Trust in yourself and your Divine support and purpose 
Whatever you went through 
Was also Divinely created 
For you to evolve through 
And not stay stuck ‘in’ 
Every one involved did the best they could and are to move through these situations to create better ones with their new found lessons and knowledge. 
With the aid of your Celestial team
You will breakthrough this
All that is needed from you is to connect the dots and find the awareness If you need, ask your guides for help to release. 
You are here
Because you were also chosen 
To break low vibration generational patterns 
Trust yourself and have confidence 
The road less traveled 
You have already taken 
Needed a lot of strength and courage
Everything you went through
Was preparation
For what is about to come
You would not be here If you were not able
You are more than able
Your specific qualities 
Which you have perfected
With the challenges you went through 
Will help humanity Create ground breaking changes
For the highest good of us all. 
Now, that’s something to look forward to. 

The Deeper Knowing

You’re tired
You’re exhausted
You’re heartbroken 
You’re Shattered 
You understand 
And then You don’t 
You  will
And then you won’t 
You’re determined 
And then you’re not
You see the bigger picture
And then you don’t 
And yet 
You know
You really do know
The deeper knowing
It will be all right 
It knows there’s light
At the end 
Of this tunnel 
It knows
What’s going on
It knows
You know
You’re shedding 
Old skin
Old lives
Old lies
It knows it’s painful
It knows it’s needed 
It knows 
What lies beyond
Is the truth
The pure truth
Of your being 
There’s such a longing
And so you stretch
And you push
And you keep going
Another step
And another
You know
It’s all worth it
You know
The frustration 
The anger
The pain 
Will all fade away
And turn to a glowing bliss
As you experience 
Yet another stretch
Another challenge 
And even another doubt
Turn deeper
Into the knowing
Dig even deeper 
And find your light
Your deep knowing
That everything 
Is going to be 
All right 
That everything 
In fact 
And that it is all worth it 
For you to shine bright
And Unite with the Light
As the anger arises
Turn to that 
Deeper knowing
Dont feed it
You know 
It’s not needed
Allow it
To dissolve
And fall
Heed the call 
The deeper knowing
Is quiet, peaceful and strong
The deeper knowing
Is who you Are


We have just moved through the 11.11 portal
We are heading towards the full moon lunar eclipse on the 19.11
There is an energy build up towards inevitable change
Strong turbulence is present in the collective and within
You may feel like something exploding inside of you
Indeed there are things that need to go
And this energy is pushing the stagnancy
Tread gently 
Dont let this energy get the best of you
Try not to let it out needlessly on others 
Turn inwards
Embrace yourself with lots of tender loving care
Do a lot of deep breathing 
To release 
Exercise if you can
Take a walk in nature
Listen to music 
Breathe into any pent up tension
And release as you exhale 
Try to see what needs to go
What have you been withholding 
How have you been 
Holding yourself back
This is a very important moment 
Spend some quiet sacred time alone
Meditate, pray, ask for guidance 
And see what comes up to the surface
That is stifling you 
And just needs to go
For you to become 
The best version of yourself
It is time my friend 
For you to Blossom 

11.11 Align with your higher destiny

A new era is beckoning
It is so so near
Perhaps, on a good day
When you let your guard down 
You may be able to sense it’s closeness 
Blockages are being lifted or will be very soon
New changes and opportunities 
That you may not have thought possible
Will be entering your life
Expressing gratitude 
For that which is about to arrive 
Will facilitate it’s manifestation 
Releasing your own blocking energy of doubt and mistrust
And supply you with an extra boost of energy that will help you adapt to the new. 
Thank yourself 
For all you have accomplished 
You have come a long long way
Your dedication to the light
Throughout so many barriers and challenges 
Is about to grant you 
This entry to a new chapter well earned. 
The old, outdated, non serving, that does not align with your highest good must go. 
There may be some sadness mourning some loss, but nothing and no one is truly lost, all is transformed. You may understand some situations by now and maybe some are left unclear.
These will either become clear with time, or in some cases, we just don’t have to understand but have faith in Divine reasoning and purpose. 
You and your path must totally align now with your higher truth. 
No ‘wishy washy’ ‘in betweens’. 
This will allow you to carry your highest, purest level of power to build your new life and contribute your best to the collective new era we are creating.
At this time it is beneficial to prepare yourself to align yourself with this new version of yourself and the changes that lie ahead. Perhaps your body has been accustomed to a posture of carrying burdens on your shoulders.
Check out your posture and gently find ways that you are able to do to improve 
Gentle stretches, yoga etc.
You may want to do something to change a bit your outer appearance, like a new hairdo, or style, to symbolize a new you especially to yourself, a reminder of changing your experience. 
Better health choices are recommended at this time. 
Do your best to let go of anything still lingering in your life that lowers your vibration.
Things in your home that remind you of sad memories, habits that do not benefit you, relationships/dynamics that bring you down or limit you.
Be honest with yourself and serious with your commitment to yourself 
Honor all the hard work you’ve done so far 
Don’t let anything get in the way of your destined higher purpose 
Focus all your energy 
Into what you’ve been wanting to build all your life
The time is near
Align your energy with it
In every way possible 
Don’t let any distraction Get in the way
Align with who you truly are
And watch
Your new life unfold very soon