New Moon – Shine`th Thy Light*

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Today is the New Moon.
So much has been going on lately leaving us overwhelmed, confused and exhausted.
Energies shifting,upgrading and massive clearings, some of which we may be aware of and some not.
Nevertheless, there’s been a lot going on and if there is one thing for sure, there is a Seed  deep within you, a Seed of Light and Brilliance,
Which may have been struggling for quite a long time to come out and shine, and may even have been so tired of struggling, it has been put to sleep, so that we can somehow “adapt” to life and our surroundings without being too disturbed.
Much of what has been happening lately was in fact to awaken this seed and make us realise , “it” was created for a very important purpose.
This seed is who we Truly Are.
This seed connects us to the Divine Light of Creation.
This seed also connects us to all of Creation.
This seed is our Gift to the World carrying our Uniqueness, carrying a Contribution of some kind to All of Creation and no matter what form it takes is not to be neglected , for it carries a piece of the puzzle for this World to Evolve and Flourish in Light.
Never think you are insignificant, for that is just not possible.
You are here, You Are Part of Creation.
That is no mistake, For All of creation has Intention.
Whatever resides in your Heart as a Dream is what you carry as a Gift of Light to the world.
If the world has darkness it is because people do not believe in the Power of Light they contain.
Today the energies of the New Moon
Are supportive of helping you feel you are able to look into your Seed, your Dream, your Light and fulfill your Hearts Desire, for in doing so
You will be fulfilling the Whole of Creation’s Desire to Shine it’s Light.
Take aside a moment
To unite with your Light
Make a vow with yourself
To take steps
To bring that Dream to Life
To bring your Light to Life
Shine’th thy Light unto the World
And let us All Celebrate!

Thank you
For Being
Much love
New Moon Blessings

Comfort Blankets

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Many of us have created for ourselves comfort blankets.
Designed in their origin to comfort and protect us from a disturbing reality normally rooted in our childhood.A safe haven so to speak , a hiding place, in which we felt in some way safe and undisturbed.
These have taken the form of all kinds of habits, addictions, activities and relationships which diminish our shine and allow us to ”hide”.
Little did we know we were hiding from ourselves and along with camouflaging wounds we have also managed very well to bury away our own brilliance, from ourselves and from the world.
Sometimes years and years of carefully using these comfort blankets went on without us realising this very truth.
Time has come to look under the blanket and find whats hiding there.
The ghosts have long gone and only remnants are in our minds, replaying the stories so as not to allow other more productive and delightful scenarios to enter our lives.
Yes maybe weve done lots of work on ourselves and managed to heal many layers of our wounds and yet there is that one last hiding place we dont allow to be touched.
But Alas
This is where our final Healing Liberation is Found,
Within this place we have called home for so long.
It is time to open the window
And let in the Light,
realising we can well and truly
Create the Life we wish for
By dissolving the last remnants
Of our wounded selves
For there, in those depths, alongside
Lay our Brilliant, Deep and Sensitive Selves,
Bursting to come forth and Shine.
These depths need our own gentle loving care.
Grateful for how these comfort blankets have served us, we tend to finally touch what they uncover and heal.
In doing so we feel an amazing sense of Freedom, ready to take on Life as a newborn.With gentle baby steps we do.
Open the window, let the air and light in and introduce yourself to the Life of your Creation.
Create the Life you Love.
You are supported by the Universe every step of the way
All you have to do is ask, and have Faith.
Tune into your Higher Wisdom and Guidance.

If you feel you need more professional help in doing so please seek that assistance, it is so worth it.

Blessings on your path
Of Recovering the Real You
Much love

*Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

True Path

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Upon your search for your True Path

Kahliya`s Display at Provence Tourist Center

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Very excited and grateful , just put up a window Display of Kahliya`s Products for St.Valentines ,at the Tourist Information center of Provence Verte in Brignoles,France ! <3

Tres contente et reconnaissante pour la possibilite de mettre en place une vitrine exposant les produits de Kahliya a la Maison du Tourisme de la Provence Verte a Brignoles ! <3
Un Grand Merci a Francoise et a La provence Verte! !

*Visit Kahliya`s online Shop  :)









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If someone or some situation has hurt you recently

this message is for you.

Chances are whatever this seems to have stepped on an old existing wound..and as such

the incident was designed for the purpose of clearing that wound, even if this is not the first time it is revisited.

All visits

to this wound are attempts to chip away layers to release as many times needed. These are deep seated wounds which can not be released all at once no matter how much we wish to.

Feeling Hurt.Alarmed.


Try as best you can Not to react out.

If you cant contain your emotions, try to take time out to process.
Try to find a quiet moment to yourself.


Hold that hurt for a moment.

Look at it.
Hear what it has to say.

Does it feel somewhat familiar?
Does it seem to pull up something from the past?
Let out all the emotion it brings up,
to yourself, even if it seems disproportional to the current event , allow yourself to cry, scream, or punch a pillow.

As you allow the emotion out, try to take a good look at what it really connects to.

Now, can you see the connection to a past event/events that havent fully healed?

Can you see you are being asked once more to forgive and release?
Forgive, not because the event/person was right in hurting you in the first place, but because you deserve to release yourself from the clinging to the sense of hurt, not allowing you to fully Heal and Develop into the Full Free Magnificent Divine Being that You Are.

Even if youve had your go at this ‘forgiveness thing’ for a million times,it might just not be over till its over, meaning in this case, till you are totally FREE.
You are the one you are limiting by holding on to the hurt.
Try to see how this is burdening you and your freedom.

You may even have done by now a whole lot of work on yourself, and even advanced, yet there still seems to be that something

limiting you to totally Thrive and Shine.
Maybe you have just received the Gift you needed, the Key to unlock once and for all your wings to fly.

Forgive this person and situation knowing they could and knew not to do better, and this has nothing to do with you.

If you feel you need help in achieving this healing process, seek professional help to do so.

Try to linger a moment emotionally in what you truly feel, pass through looking at the connection, seeing how you are bound, and choosing to release it all for the good of all, and most of all for your own Good, Health, Joy and Freedom.

In this current event, if it is possible, it is important to express your hurt feelings

in a contained respectful manner, meaning not to just splurt it out on rebound with all its intensity , resulting in continuing the chain of hurt, rather explain nicely, kindly what you feel.

This is where we take responsibility and contribute to change the endless continuation throughout humanity`s history of people getting hurt and reacting their hurt onward either to the people that hurt them or to other people, which in both cases does not serve anything productive, rather continues an ongoing spiral of hurt into all of humanity.

If we wish to heal on a personal level as well as a global level, we are to take personal responsability for our feelings and actions.
Our feelings are highly important and are to be acknowledged and expressed, in a way that everyone is respected, so that we can break the chain of hurt and create a healing productive chain of evolution for all to be inspired positively.

If in this situation it is not possible to express what you feel, make it important for yourself to express it to yourself, and if you need to write it down as if you were speaking to this person.

Then see where and how you can connect to seeing their part as not knowing better, and your part in your own healing and best interest, while letting go and realising the bigger picture this has served in releasing a much bigger burden you so needed to release.

Comfort yourself with the understanding of the whole situation and gradually walk yourself back to a Renewed Self, more Free and more Whole.

My warmest Blessings for you and us all

To Heal and Grow

in awareness and mutual respect

Peace & Love


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*Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

Full Moon

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The energies of the full moon are upon us

it is essential to remember that these energies pull to surface any and all unfinished issues that lay within

for the sole/soul purpose to be healed and released.

If you find that youve finally begun to make some positive change in your life recently and suddenly you feel you are stumbling again, rest assured this is only a phase, and even an important one to clear what can be weighing and impeding your development.
To do this one must first look it in the eye to be able to say goodbye, and it doesnt even have to be regarded upon as ”bad stuff” either. All must be looked upon as Beauty, for All is ..all our experiences have beauty in them  , even the sad ones..
We are to learn detachment and release love..
Respecting all thats been and all that is to come..trusting in the Universe and aiming always for our higher good and the higher good of everyone. Focusing on our own higher good, allows others the space and opportunity to focus on theirs.

In due time all confusing fragments come together for better clarity.
The energies at the moment are very chaotic, we get this sense of being dispersed..all over the place.
It is important to BREATHE   a few slow deep breaths in order to allow re- centering.. 

Stillness.. and Allowing ..enables things to settle and find their place once again.. even better..
Meditation is highly beneficial, finding your own inner center, well being and guidance.

If you cant meditate try to find that gentle stillness in focused prayer, a warm shower or bath, a walk in nature or anything that appeals to you to connect with your inner YOU.
Maintaining a support system of sufficient rest, nutritious balanced food, herbal teas,plenty of water, essential oils and soothing balancing crystals will provide a more healthy balanced and grounding transition.
Please remember that the energies of the full moon are felt days before and days Be gentle with yourself..allow..keep holding the vision of your best plans and intentions in front of you, holding them as encouragement and gradually stepping back into course as you can.
Much Love

I wish to Awaken

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Soul Revelations


  • An older poem of mine I feel like re-posting as I feel it to be appropriate these days.

I wish to Awaken/Mia Leventhal

I wish to Awaken
I wish to break forth
And break through
This self inflicted fort
I wish to Awaken.
I wish to wave to the skies
Say goodbye to all those lies
Winking to the sun
Who brings me
Warm delightful fun.
I wish to look inside
Make peace with which coincides
And with a whip of a tide
Wash out that which
Limits my ride
Opening my heart once more
Beautifully fresh and wide.
I wish to Awaken
To the wonders of this life
Without fear, guilt or shame
I want to welcome all
That comes my way
knowing nothing will ever stay the same.
I want to grow expand and shine
knowing all will be just fine
Resting my head upon
The lightness

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