Earth Call`th

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Earth Call`th ~
Earth Heal`th ~

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I want to know God ~

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Eternally Evolving ~

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Soul Revelations

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Eternally evolving
Doors revolving
Devoted to solving
Barriers dissolving..
/Mia Leventhal

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Gently Diving in ~

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Soul Revelations


Gently diving in
Untying all the knots
Releasing all the plots
Allowing the flow
Of my Creative 
Divine Wine 
To Shine*

Mia Leventhal

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Stepping into this Vast Space ~

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Soul Revelations

14316965_1367429526615720_4917991620458159575_nStepping into this Vast Space/Mia Leventhal 

Stepping into
This vast space
I know I will be held
By the hands of Grace .
Even as I do not see
I know
Ye shall
Hear my plea.
To thee
I am the Honey 
I am the Bee .
I am the Whole 
Of Creation 
Within me.
With all of my fragility
There is nothing
More Sacred to Be…

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Keep Dreaming ~

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Dear friends
I will be travelling and will be back Mid September.
Im not sure if and/how much I will I will be able to post if at all
So I leave you with this reminder
Keep Dreaming ~ ~ Keep Moving towards those Dreams ~ ~
No One Can stop you but yourself ~ ~
Make Them Come True! Yeahhh! 🙂
See you soon
Much Love

The Sacred Space in Between ~

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space in between

After having released the past and that which does not serve your highest purpose, you may find yourself in somewhat of a void, before your new life comes to be.
It is normal to have anxiety come up as we have let go of the known, even if it did not serve us, or ceased to serve us, in one way or another, we still knew what it was..and now we have created this space, and without it being immediately filled up, it feels scary, the fear of the unknown..
For some of you this may represent bigger steps and larger new realities, the bigger the scarier..but then again..think again..ever the more exciting..
Think of this space as a Sacred space.
Within this space you get to reconnect on a deeper level with your Higher self, and see what it is you have been missing.What parts of you have not found their place, have not manifested, and how much in fact are you connected on a regular basis with your higher self and with Divine Guidance.
You may want to fine tune that a bit🙂
A regular connection allows you to find your balance when you have strayed, receive guidance for your path, releasing all that you may have absorbed but is not yours and does not serve you, hence weighing down on your advancement, as well as finding the calm and focused energy to advance on your path.
Finding a small moment to yourself , in quiet and undisturbed
in which you can close your eyes and after a few slow deep breaths try to create a void of quiet in your thinking mind in which you float to a sea of blissful dreams..even purposely just envision nice things..this relaxes the mind and body and allows your higher self to give you messages, and for you to actually hear them🙂
In this sacred space ‘in between’ you are actually asked to realize that you have the power to create your new page.
Your faith, combined with a positive attitude , proactively planting seeds towards your dreams is a winning combination of pure Universal Magic, the Magic that we all have the power to create in our lives.
So if you feel worried, Breathe, Deeply
Breathe in your True essence and Divine Power
With each breath, remember who you are
And as you exhale
Release your worries and your fears.
You are Not your past
You are Not your past wounds
You Are a Magnificent Divine Being
With Gifts and Dreams and plenty to give to the World
Move into the Energy of your True Being
Color the images of your Visions
With Lovely Bright Colors
Much Love