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Today I would like to share with you that I am feeling very sad upon hearing about the latest ban on the ‘Burkini’ here in France where I currently live.
I immediately think about my friend from Kurdish origin who Ive met here and creates these beautiful hand embroidered scarves, a handcraft which was one of the bases of our shared interests.
I remember calling her recently and her young daughter answering the phone.I asked her how she was and how she has been enjoying the summer vacation..if she has been doing anything interesting.She answered with excitement that they may be going soon to the beach, the whole family.I felt so happy for them as I know my friends husband works so hard to try and support the family and I was happy at the thought of them enjoying the beach to relax and have fun.
My friend wears a…

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More ~

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Following a Blessed ‘Aha’ realization( As stated in my prior post), it is very important to understand
that although in that moment there is crystal clear clarity, as we can finally see through the veil of our wounded self through the eyes of our Higher Being,
it is normal and of equal value and importance if we seem to slip back after that into more of our ‘wounded self’.
The cause for this is the more we reach towards the light, the more there is a natural inclination for more of our hidden wounds to surface to be cleared, so that we can in fact immerse truly and fully in that light.
The good news is that with this new regained clarity, we have the opportunity to hold it within as we tend to clear more of our dark and pain.
So if you feel more has come up ‘out of nowhere’ just when you thought you were sailing and celebrating, all is well.
Hold your high vision close to heart while you clear more deeper layers of pain, and you will see easier than before your ability to manifest more of your true whole light being.
The amount of time this takes is the time it takes for us to be fully in our truth and the extent we are willing and capable to face our dark corners, allow them to surface, deal with them and clear them while rediscovering the true light of our Highest beings.
It is personal to each and every one of us, and there should be absolutely no judgement.
Acceptance,compassion and willingness to follow this Genuine Sacred inner journey towards evolving our souls is the Highest cause of existence.Those who have the courage to do this are blessed and should be very proud.

Please remember to be very gentle with yourselves.
If anyone is going through a bit of a rough spot at the moment
Please hang in there..
The energies at the moment are also triggering another layer of our wounds to resurface for us to release and heal.
Remember in our daily lives, we tend to hold so much in , that there are moments when these must be allowed to surface for us to acknowledge them and devote our attention and intention to release them..
Breathe deeply into what arises and release while you exhale..
Allow tears to come through if they wish to, this aids so much with the release and clearing..
If there is any other way you feel like aiding the release by sound or shaking your body, please feel your own self and allow expression.
Once again acknowledging what comes up and allowing the release is the best way to deal with this.
Be extra gentle with yourselves, comforting, retreating a bit if needed and plenty of rest.
Remember to keep the perspective of a wavelike process that is happening, no matter how dark it may seem.Hold onto whatever represents for you the ‘thread of Gold’, all that you love and cherish as well as your own inner light and you will see this too shall pass leaving you more in your truth ..
Devoting to this process is not easy but crucial for our growth and evolution and does add so much more quality to our existence.
Just Allow..and everything will be ok..
Warm wishes
Much Love


Liberation ~

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stings lesson

This is Huge
Mainly in the way that if and when we really “Get it”, we can create the breakthrough we so wish for..
When there is that old wound that keeps showing up.. continues to be stepped is because we need to heal it and release it..and it will not go away until we do..which is the reason we see ourselves reliving variations of the same during our lifetimes and wonder how to get rid of this!
Even for those of us who are quite aware and have done so much work on ourselves, that sting can still be there reappearing and we just dont know what to do with it anymore..
The thing is, if you have the courage to look at it ‘in the eye’truly in depth, can you see how this does NOT represent who you truly are?
Are you able to see the fullness of your magnificent being right through this?
Can you see your true beauty?Your talents, your good heart,your capability for Joy and Love, your gifts you have to share with the world?
Can you see now how carrying this wound as somehow representing you is a distortion of your true shining being, and how continuing to carry it continues to block your way to happiness and to fulfilling your own true soul manifestation, your mission here on earth?
We go through what we go through in life to see who we are despite any thing and everything life throws at us, and to learn compassion for those who go through similar difficulties.This does not mean we are to embrace the situations or the people who represent these situations , but we are to move on truly releasing them only by truly releasing what these represent , for this does not represent our Higher beings or the path to manifesting our highest truth.
In seeing the true you right through it all, the whole shining you, waiting to burst with Life force, you are totally capable and finally willing to release and even forgive the misgivings of others and cant wait to move on to manifest who you truly are, for you have so much Good to create !
Now..How liberating is that?
Freedom to your Spirit
Huge step for Soul Evolution!
Blessings on your journey
Much Love

* Message card taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards Available in online shop

Release ~

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*Card taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul inspiration’ message cards 


Are you ready to do a little ceremony for the full moon?
Are you willing to release all that does not serve your highest good?
Take a piece of paper, and make a list of all the things in your life you would like to release to be able to create the life you wish for, manifesting your authentic magnificent being.
This could be Unhealthy relationships, difficult situations, challenging conditions, some of your own traits which you have come to realize are your own hindrances, bad habits,blockages, fears as well as resentment and anger etc
Remember to honor all of your experiences, understanding that they did serve a purpose in your life and soul growth, even if sometimes in ways we may not understand at the moment, be Willing to Forgive and release.
Also , sometimes certain situations may be released to be returned healed. In any case your release is important, as you are releasing all your current emotional baggage surrounding these and allowing healing to occur..
Check online for the time of the full moon, if you cant be present exactly try to make it sometimes towards..or if need be not too long after.
Create a quiet sacred space.
Breathe and try to focus your intentions on this release which is important for you.
Light a candle and ask for Divine presence.
Take your list and put it over the flame slowly burning it to be totally released, asking out loud for this to be and for Divine help for this to come about, stating at the end “And so it is”
Understand that taking the time to focus on this and then writing it and then releasing unto ashes in prayer is a strengthened intention of yours, putting your concentrated energy in this release at a time that energetically favors this.

If you wish, write another list stating all the things, relationships, situations and conditions  you wish to recreate your reality including recovering the traits you know deep down inside you have and wish to strengthen or liberate to be the happy shining being you were created to be.You deserve the life you desire and you are able to create it once youve released all that is blocking the way.
Save this list in a special place, taking a peek from time to time to see how you advance on your journey.
Blessings and best wishes on your journey





Self Care ~

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20160817_142749 signd

Another way I like to care for myself is self massage
Self Massage with Natural Cold Pressed oils and essential oils is a great way to calm, re balance your whole system , finding your center, as you apply the oil and spend some time with yourself, connecting with yourself, feeling where certain parts are in need of attention, you are entering a process of self healing and showing yourself care and love.
Unfortunately we are not used to that..we spend our time mostly on the move, searching for ‘quick fix’ answers to our needs outside of ourselves..when all along the answers are within..
We all have ‘Higher selves’ full of Divine understanding and knowledge..our bodies in themselves have a sacred knowledge that respond to gentle care through our nerve tips.
Calming ourselves back to center allows us to understand ourselves better and find our own answers, as well as our own energy and power source 🙂
Working with products created from the gifts of nature intended for our healing is a great way of appreciating creation and working in harmony with it..finding again that harmony within..for we are part of creation too
Have fun creating your own blends..use only high quality oils..
On Kahliya`s Site there are basic instructions for self massage
There are also currently 2 Massage oil blends in Kahliya`s online shop, if you wish to take a look, one designed for calming and uplifting and the other for a soothing grounding effect.Both available in small and larger sizes. 🙂
Sending Love and warm Blessings

Gentle ~

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Easy does it with the Full Moon energies..Healing and Gentle self care..
What are you doing to hold yourself in Gentleness ?
Me.. I made myself some LemonVerbena herb tea to calm to have with my own homemade healthy banana muffins for some comforting and lit a Selenite candle for Calming Divine presence
Please find a way to show yourself some Love Your soul will be so grateful
Warm Blessings

Gentle Deep Release ~

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Energies of the upcoming full moon on Thursday are already strongly felt. You may be feeling a chaotic kind of tension as very deep seated emotional issues arise for more complete healing. Most of these issues wish to be fully released to make room for a more authentic and complete YOU to Manifest and create the life you have always wished for..recent events may have also played an important part in triggering these for the soul purpose of complete healing.
Please be extra gentle with yourselves at this time and allow the process to complete itself as thoroughly as possible. The more you can allow yourself some quiet soul time, the better.
Breathe and create a safe space for yourself to allow your upsetting emotions to surface..feel certain parts of your body stiff in pain as a result of trying to override these emotions. Breathe into these parts and see what arises..allow the pain..tears..anger to come up and wash through you..release..
See yourself seeing, feeling,forgiving and releasing…so much better is yet to come..yet we need to make room..
Drink plenty of water to allow the flow, eat light comforting and nourishing food, get enough rest..
Moonstone and Selenite are good Crystals to help with the Fullmoon energies.Place under your pillow to aid sleep.Try to pay attention to special dreams at this times that carry guidance.. Lavender essential oil is great for calming as well..
Sending much love
Warm Blessings


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