Everyday ~

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20160422_170408 final signed

Is a chance to start
Is a chance to rediscover
You can choose the Truth
To Pursue
Today you could make amends
Or you could forgive that friend
Any day you could shift your life
And start to Mend
To make those Dreams come True
Its All up to You ~
Sometimes we wish so much for our life to change and yet we feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start..or maybe we`ve tried and after disappointment, we allowed time to pass and now we dont know where or how to find the motivation.
It is essential to remember no matter how many times we feel we have failed , and no matter where we think we are at in our lives, we can always begin again.Every New day offers us that opportunity.
We dont really need huge plans , they normally get us more scared than anything else.
All we need is a small gesture to begin to shuffle things around and create that much needed shift.
A small act to make amends or maybe of forgiveness or just pure generosity, shifting stagnant energy and creating renewed joy and love for all to celebrate.
A small step in the direction of your dreams, retouching activities you have lost touch with. The magic trick is not to over think, just take a dip in the water, even for a little bit will renew your passions.
If your energy has been stuck for a while for whatever reason, you have the ability to awaken your soul.
Once you start recreating that new energy for yourself, keep rolling  , stay with the momentum, dont let fear creep in.. rest and pause when you need, as balance is essential..and if you seem to slip back for any reason..just remember..Everyday is a New day to Begin Again:)

Blessings on your journey
Much Love

Another Layer ~

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Once again with the pull of the full moon, another layer of inner density has surfaced to be cleared.
Do not be overwhelmed with the intensity.Be gentle with yourself and allow whatever is needed to come up and through you.Layers you have not been able to touch until now will ask for liberation.Understand that these were more well kept hidden secrets that you did not know how to process and have blocked your flow.Remember what it is as a passage..allowing it to pass through and out, as you thank yourself for having gone through whatever you did to becoming who you are today.
Rejoice in the feeling you are allowing your liberation..your renewed flow by enabling this process.If tears flow..let them..emotions too..embrace all parts of you..the past gives way to the new..the rediscovered true you in the making..bless this moment as truly beautiful and take gentle care of yourself as you do..
Full Moon Blessings
Much Love


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Forever eternal soul
Creative genius spark
Continue to hover over us till we become whole
Help guide us out of the dark❤ Mia Leventhal

Happy Passover- May we All Be free ~

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To all those celebrating Passover Hag Sameach = Happy Holiday
May we all celebrate Freedom for All of Creation
Blessings to All❤

Devoted Journey

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9509291 kahliya in turkey 2 - Copy rsz - Copy (2)

I have come across these photos today and was reminded of Kahliya`s first phase as a tiny shop in Turkey about 6-7 yrs ago.
A tiny Building entrance with a staircase was my shop and my work studio planted on the stairs.. I loved my little shop..I miss those days in Turkey..those were the days..good and bad..challenging..yet ever so enriching..Ive learned so much..and I keep in my heart the good forever..
I feel very emotional looking back..and yet it is with me all the time..I have carried my work with me wherever I went..and I have been around a bit…but my world- my work was with me all the time..

Kahliya has been through so many phases.. so many adventures..so many locations..forever inspired by many..enriched by the journey..devoted to spreading the Message of Love and embracing All of Creation..its been quite a journey so far..through thick and thin ..high and low..eternally devoted no matter where I go..I have within me all of these different cultures,experiences and souls Ive encountered along the way ..I feel Blessed..and Rich within..
I look forward with excitement to see how the next steps of this journey enfolds..

To all those who encounter difficulty pursuing their ventures, I say hang in there, stick to the truth of who you are..and BE..the more you allow yourselves to BE exactly who you are..the more the universe will carry you through..no matter what challenges you will come across , its all part of the journey and does not one bit take away from who you are, even if at times it feels so..rather adds to the rich discovery of the sacred Truth..
Keep on keeping on❤

“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us. Even while the earth sleeps we travel. We are the seeds of the tenacious plant, and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the wind and are scattered.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
* Special Gratitude to Julie Rust for her exquisite Music accompanying this video

Beyond the Veil ~

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Beyond the veil of our illusions on this earthly plane
Lies the awareness that we are all that is
we are all delicately and intricately interconnected and woven into this existence as part of creation
While at the same time we are all a part of it all
The only limits are caused by our own disbeliefs
But if we are able to fly above our misconceptions
We find even for a moment the underlying truth of our existence
We are free to be
As much as we allow ourselves to see ~

May we all allow ourselves
The beautiful right to see


Ready to Dance ?

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They say life is like a dance..and indeed it is..in more ways than one..
Walking a path of soul evolution entails a dance of taking one step forward, two steps backwards..I`m sure you`ve heard the saying..
Energies lately have had us move forward with a leap of faith and a growth spurt.
Perhaps not much seems to be evident as a result..perhaps even we are feeling a bit raw at the moment and pulled back into our darker spots.
As uncomfortable as it may seem, it is totally natural..and actually quite efficient and beneficial on our road to greatness.
We have within our subconscious so much of the old to clear and transcend, even when we take that leap forward with the purest of intentions, in an attempt to leave it all behind, and believe only in the positive and in the light, somewhere deep within us, lays the residue of old beliefs and emotions.
These are layers and layers , carried within us from our own experiences and even from our ancestral line.It is part of the healing process to pause and clear this , as possible at each pause, to be able to pursue the journey with more light and conviction.
Being aware of this helps this process even more and consciously devoting the time and space for this to pass through us, embracing it as a sacred part of the process, enables for more density to be released each time, and higher light and Divine guidance to come through for us to follow our Higher Soul`s purpose.
Find Peace within this process.
Find the way to embrace this that feels right for you
Be sure to be gentle with yourself
Breathe and release
Try to create a safe space for yourself in space and time
In which you allow these emotions to pass through you
Be sure to hold the vision of where you truly are at the moment and what you envision for yourself, knowing that this is but a brief revisit into the past and it does not define your true soul being
The less attached you are to this experience and the more you just Allow it to pass through,
the easier and shorter this process becomes.
If you can go into a nature spot at this time, especially a water source, this will facilitate the process and relieve the density into the healing flow of the water.
Otherwise create a safe haven spot for you in a comfortable peaceful ambiance, that enables you to nurture yourself gently into this release.
May Peace be with you on this journey
Much Love




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