We are Ascending

We are Ascending

In order to ascend to a higher level of being – closer to alignment with our higher selves, we need to release all that is blocking us, holding us back, all that does not align.

We are being pushed into a very uncomfortable passage, similar to what we have been going through these last three years, but accelerated. A passage in which you may feel lost or ‘thrown off a cliff’ in a way – pushed out of your comfort zone. You are being asked to let go of all you have known and clinged to for comfort and security, for these were false/faulty support systems. You are being asked to find your real truth, identity, support, guidance and peace within and in your connection with source.

Trust and have faith in the Divine Higher plan for it is acting in your best interest and is about to take you to better and higher realms. 

In fact, You are about to take yourself to higher realms – by allowing and flowing with the process. 

Focus on letting go of the past, letting go of attachments, reconnecting with your ability to feel safe, peace and freedom within through your solid connection with yourself and your Celestial team.

Let go of what you ‘Know’ 

And be open to the New unknown coming upon us.

There will be an event that may seem scary on the surface but is designed to further shake you out of any remaining lower vibration you are holding onto

Especially fear. 

Fear not

For through this passage and final release, you will transcend all that has attempted to condition you

You will break free

You will Rise Higher

And Ascend 


Keep looking and strengthening within

There is where your golden ticket resides. 


Our Ascension

Dear friends

We are moving towards the culmination of the 7.7 Sirius gateway on the 16th(1+6=7)

We have been receiving super charges of light all month as we are being prepared for our final ascension transition which will occur very soon.

As we ascend our world will not be like before. Much will change for the better and evil will be eradicated as it will not withstand the huge surge of light coming upon us.

There are also souls who have pre chosen before coming here to not be part of this process choosing another path and will go elsewhere.

There is nothing to worry about, not for yourselves and not for your loved ones.

We are all moving according to Divine plan.


We are all headed towards the light and union with the Divine, though the paths we have chosen are many.

Many of you are light workers

You have come here to help heal the earth in many different ways.

You have gone through many challenges to grow, build your strength and abilities as well as learn more about the difficulties others face causing them to deny their own light to come through. 

You have learned more compassion for yourself as for others, as the full capacity and knowledge of your own light has been blocked.

The greatest task has been to be dedicated to your light despite all blockages.

You have done an amazing job. 

As you ascend, your capacities, knowledge and light will be enhanced.

You will begin to remember who you truly are

Blockages will be lifted and you will be able to express yourself much more.

You will also move into your higher purpose, your unique mission in service to assist on this  planet.

I want you to remember you carry a unique ray of Divine light

You have your own knowledge and gifts

At this time as we prepare to ascend

It is highly beneficial to enter deep quiet and tranquility

Much is being revealed if you tune in

Stay away from absolutely Any guidance that is negative from within or without

Keep your vibration as high as you can

Practice deep breathing 

Drink plenty of water

High vibrational life source fresh veg and fruit

Calming herb teas like lemonbalm(@medicalmedium info) 

Rest and sleep well

Be in nature

High vibrational calming music

Avoid social media and anymore search for input

Just be quiet and tune in

You have all you need within you

Much more than you realize at the moment

Now is the time

To let go of everything

And unite with yourself and your higher guidance

Remember at the end of the day

This journey is our own, creating our own path with our choices and decisions which will bring us to unite with those we are Divinely meant to unite with.

There is nothing to worry, overthink or try to manipulate

Rather unite and align with our own source connection and flow as Divinely guided. 

That is what its ALL about. 

I don’t entirely know how things will look like after the shift takes place

I believe there will be a change to our social platforms

I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your presence and your dedication to your journey and search for more light.

It was a pure pleasure for me to serve in this way

I trust if we are meant to

We will find each other again in whatever which way or platform

Many blessings of light to you All 🙏


Concerns about where we’re headed? Embrace a light-hearted approach

More and more understandings and revelations from without and within and still some things are unclear and may be creating confusion and anxiety We are not meant to know each and every detail on Divine purpose for us to flow towards the changes in store with a light heartedness that comes from the trust engrained in raising our vibration 😉



Overthinking blocks your higher guidance & healthy creative flow ~

The more you think ,the more you create confusion. Allowing space for quiet enables higher guidance to create a healthy positive flow towards what is best for you.

Self love and Confidence in your path will create the breakthrough you wish for

Acknowledging your chosen path and appreciating it reconnects you with your original source of Love and confidence which will create your breakthrough

Anchoring our Pure Positive Light no matter what brings our final transformation

With every phase we evolve more and now what is asked of us is to pierce through whatever seems to be going on, with our pure positive light in confidence and this will bring our transformation
*Sorry for the noise of the fan, I will put it further next time.