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Prayer ~

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A prayer I wrote today for the refugees I am volunteering with..
God Bless them and their path as they are in my heart forever..
But I believe it applies to us all..
Amen Amen
Much Love to All

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Nice and Easy..

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So here we are
We so want to have that ‘fresh new start feeling’..
And yet we may be feeling a bit all over the place..unfocused..not really understanding where to begin..nor where we’re headed..
Thats OK
Youre fine
Dont Panic
Theres a lot going on that you dont realise
We’re in the midst of Transformation
And this is a process
Dont try to plan ahead too far
Or try to figure it all out at the moment
If there’s anything to try and focus on
Its to take good care of yourself and your energy
Whatever you feel may take you out of balance
Just release and gently re-center yourself and get back on track.
Taking care of your needs is first importance.
Otherwise allow your heart to open..and stay open..with expanding compassion no matter what happens.
Tread lightly not shying away from experiences, rather allow whatever and whoever crosses your path to come… and go, if need be..without the need to absorb anything that does not align with your highest good..while nurturing that which does..
This is the new walk…towards your sunshine…
Nice and easy..
Blessings on your path
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

Happy New Year 2017!

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May this year
Bring us
To Cherish and Adhere
To all that is Sacred and Dear
May we all
Meet there
Love is Near
Happy New Year ! ♡
Much Love

Working with refugees

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Feeling very at the local church, the scene of Nativity made by Eritrean refugees I have been working with recently, is being presented for Christmas mass.Needless to say how emotional they are and proud as I am of them ❤
Working with them has been an honor and a huge Gift ❤
I will be writing about this experience soon.
Much Love ❤

I am here to Serve the Light

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Dear friends

Many of you are feeling fatigued and a bit stretched out at the moment
Please remember that there is a balancing challenge here at hand , while you may be presented with situations in which your help is needed, you are also being asked to make sure you are taking care of your personal needs, as not only are they equally important, but only by maintaining your own well being , will you be able to have the strength and the emotional poise to be able to handle the situations at hand.
This is very delicate..but very important..even crucial..for everyone involved.
Take care of your basic needs
Filter out anything unnecessary that absorbs your energy
Be energy efficient
Strict basics
Drink plenty of water, less caffeine, more true fruit juices or fruit for energy boosts especially dates and bananas
Eat basic Nourishing food, even if time lacks, find a way to get your nutrients
Get enough rest
Try to find pockets of time to relax, breathe, recenter and even meditate of you can even for a few minutes.
Your body and mind will be so grateful
Your state of mind and well being will influence the quality of what you have to offer to others that may depend on your help at this time.
Maintaining your balance helps sustain your own health as well as becoming more of a pure channel for spirit to guide you in your service.
Know that this intensive phase will pass.
Hang in there
Stay Positive
You can do this
Much Love

Dear God

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