Solstice Gateway

We are moving towards the Summer/Winter Solstice Gateway on the 21.6
This is a very transformational energetic portal.
At this time you may be feeling clouded, confused, shaken with possibly several ‘curveballs’ heading your way.
Do your best to stay calm and centered. Take pauses before major decisions or just to clear your head from stress and confusion. Breathe deeply and remember there is always a Divine plan beyond all the craziness.
Once you take a break, calm, center, ask for Divine guidance and leave room to receive, then you will begin to gain clarity.
Things are speeding up at this time and major change is on the horizon.
Make sure you do what you need to take care of your physical and emotional well-being and health.
Dont lose your balance, keep your focus and hold your vision.
Things may shake you up a bit, but deep down you know who you are and what is your truth.
Circumstances may shift with a higher purpose to enable your higher self to emerge.


You may be feeling very wired. We have just gone through the New Moon Solar Eclipse plus other major solar events going on.
Find some calm, get some extra rest and support your physical and emotional body with healthy choices.
At this point, it’s all about choices.
We have gone through a long and tedious journey, nearing the end of a major chapter in our life, one full of learning.
At this time you may have opportunities to approach ‘same old issues’, especially in interactions, with a New attitude and witness new results. It’s all up to you
Your choices define your experience.
Just before entering your new chapter
You get to review all you went through and gain more insight.
With this insight you can take more control of your actions and reactions and create from a healthier, more balanced and productive place.
The results may surprise you and, if you take the time to dive into deeper observation and meaning, you may be touched emotionally in a good way.
Going the extra mile to make sure we’re coming from a healthy place and taking into account the perception of the ‘other’, is what creates magic.
Our own balanced energy together with compassion, patience and understanding is what is needed to avoid triggering the other and opens a space for you both to exist, think calmly and act respectfully.
And suddenly you get to witness how old scenarios of ‘tug a war’ transform into harmony that includes us all.
Healing these old issues will seal this chapter and open the way for healthier interactions and contacts that Align with your higher path.
Take this time to take a good look within. Make sure you know who you are and release all the effects of prior conditioning. Carve away until you feel you have reached your pure authentic self and be ready to step into your new chapter holding your own.

Beyond the Frustration

Yes, it’s been a long stretch
Yes, there’s frustration
Yes, that ‘New chapter’ has been taking forever
Yes, there’s always a higher purpose
But what is that higher purpose, you ask
Take a look at this long stretch you’ve been going through
All of it
At each turn, at each disappointment, at each challenge
What surfaced for you?
Pain, more deeper pain, dissatisfaction, anger, frustration, despair, judgment, blame, shame, disbelief, lack of faith..
All these are well hidden within you, underneath that well behaved, well intentioned, positive, aware persona you are working hard to maintain.
You see, without these annoying bumps, you may not have known how much is still lurking beneath the seams, ready to jump out with life’s tests and challenges. This is not to say there will no longer be any of those, but you have been given a golden opportunity for an intense run on acknowledging, facing, healing and clearing all, or at least a lot, of what goes on beneath your surface, that needs further healing so as not to burden and sabotage the good things coming your way.
So if things feel like they’re taking a long time, because you feel ready, maybe after seeing all that has come up for you, you can understand you may not have been as ready as you need to be to start this new page on the right foot. Also, all the components in your new reality need to be ready and aligned.
But let’s stick with you.
Take a good look
Look beyond the frustration
And find gratitude
For you are really fine tuning yourself
As difficult as it is
It is a blessing
You are releasing so much
That is not truly you
That is not who you want to be
So much that you have acquired through conditioning
This is a sacred time in which you get to recreate yourself
Or really
Rediscover and redefine yourself
So you can Align with your highest good and your higher mission.

Live and Let Live

We are in eclipse season and in mercury retrograde
We are moving through an important energy portal on the 6.6 and moving towards a New Moon Solar eclipse on the 10.6.2021
Truths may be exposed, revelations and sudden changes may occur.
Issues in communicating and relating may resurface to see how you have grown and perhaps gained more wisdom and tools in dealing with these.
Living and letting live is an art we need to master, that can take a lifetime and beyond.
Its easy to wish peace for circles outside of us or better yet, on the other side of the world , but the real challenge and importance is within our own close surroundings.We are all  components of humanity, we all lead by example and every way we act and create affects the whole.
This is an opportunity to review how you define yourself, your needs, your boundaries, how you express these while protecting your well-being and respecting the ‘other’.
You will be given an opportunity to express these, though more than action on your part, it is important to reflect on what arises for you in this scenario, what underlying old issues may be triggered and how you can heal these so as not to act in a triggered manner but in a balanced stable and fair manner to all involved, so that you can be one of those who create change so needed in our world today, regardless and even more so, if your counterpart may not be acting fair. Do what you believe is important, respectfully, even if it sometimes means not engaging.
Do what feels right.
Sometimes we are pulled into situations that really do not need our attention and sometimes its important for yourself to know you stood up for yourself in a respectful manner.
If you feel confused find some quiet time and ask for Divine guidance and clarity. Always send light to any disturbing situation to all involved, we all can contribute better to the world if we heal and en’light’en.
All in all this is another stage and lesson in learning more about yourself and how to align more with your higher self, with the Divine’s Light so you grow and inspire others along the way.

Identifying unresolved pain to be released

As you release the old, old pain may resurface
You have an opportunity to identify and define the true source of your unresolved pain.
Sit with it a moment, even if it gushes all over
Let it all out
This is a moment of intimacy with your inner child
Listen to its pain, listen to it’s needs
This is precious
Be there
Listen and comfort
It is possible that that which is leaving your life hurts double for the lack and pain it has created
Perhaps with it goes the possibility for it to ever again be fixed and fill the gap it created
Take a moment to acknowledge this
But dont feel guilty about it
Just observe
Know that what is leaving is not meant to fill the gap
It was meant to present a certain experience that teaches all involved.
You, with all the work you’ve done on yourself and awareness can now understand compationately how those who were meant to provide you with love and warmth were lacking themselves. Frustration, resentment, pain and anger turns to understanding and compassion.
You discover you have so much love within you to fill that void, to provide for yourself and offer an open heart of empathy for those who have yet to find their connection to source.
Releasing them with that empathy and wishing them only the best for them to find their way towards the light is how you bring this chapter to full circle in love.
Your understanding Heals
It helps them find healing
And helps you heal.
In your understanding you are connecting to your source,
The well of Divine’s love within you.
Its ok and important to allow the pain to surface
For you can acknowledge
That this may be the missing link
For you to be able to release this chapter
Once you acknowledge
And move through this
Have a good cry
If it comes gushing out
Let it all out
To be released
Then it will be easier
To allow the divine flow
Taking place
Allowing them to continue their journey
And you can now open yourself
More fully
To what you deserve.
You have learned
What this has come to teach you
You have seen
Where being disconnected from the heart, soul and source leads to.
You have integrated
These lessons and have worked on your alignment
Bless those who have yet to find their way
And open yourself to welcome that which flows to you, aligned with your higher good.

As anxiety may arise
I Breathe in deeply
And release the old
That does not serve me
I breathe in deeply
And welcome
The New
That which Aligns
With my Highest Good


Seal it with LOVE

We are approaching a super full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow the 26.5
The energy is off the charts intense!
You may feel it pulling at you strongly, leaving you drained, exhausted.
You may feel like you’re going through a bit of a tunnel, but hang in there as it is leading to a major breakthrough.
There is an opportunity to heal and close an old cycle.
This is major for your life.
Ground your energy, drink lots of water. Nourish yourself with extra healthy food. Stay away from any negative vibe. Save your energy at the moment, rest more and focus on you.
Meditate if you can. Focus on healing.
There is an important chapter that is ending
Make it end right
Understand what it has served and taught you
Honor that
End it with much compassion gratitude and love for all involved
Allow all to move on with the dignity we are doing the best we can and will continue to do so on our journey
Grant yourself and others the possibility to grow into the next chapter, clean of any negativity, eager to thrive
Be proud of how far you’ve come
Able to see it all with the eyes of love
And seal it all with love
THAT is your accomplishment
THAT is your Mastering, your Graduation
Hold yourself close
With much love
As you move through
A major stepping point.

Seeing with the eyes of GOD

We are being submerged with much light at the moment to assist us in overcoming the darkness that wishes to resist.
We are also being given the opportunity to see everything occurring around us from a higher perspective, in the eyes of God.
Within the shift taking place, raising us to a higher dimension, we are momentarily living in between 2 worlds so to speak. The old world that is gradually fading away, yet full of chaos and the new incoming world full of light. Its not very easy walking between the two. With attempts being made to pull you back in many different ways, these will merely be your tests in identifying who you are, where you are going and what you are here to do.
Once you have clearly identified this, there’s no going back.
We all come from the light ,from God
and after we learn certain lessons here and fulfill certain missions, we return to spirit form once again. Some souls choose to leave at this time of shifting dimensions. Their specific lessons and missions this time around complete and perhaps some are needed now to assist us from the spirit world.
We are all connected yet not attached
For we know we are eternal, yet fulfill temporary roles and interact here for a certain amount of time. Our dedication is to our journey and the fulfillment of our highest potential possible within the moment.
We allow the flow of what comes and goes. We allow our experiences that make us grow, and we are full of love within our encounters and bonds knowing we are all dedicated to the journey and the enlightenment.
The chaos being played out by those who have a hard time letting go of the lower dimension is not your chaos
Do not be pulled into it
If you wish to help
The best you can do is send light, love and healing
But we all must go through whatever we need to on our journeys of growth
You have come a long way and have done a lot of self work
Now is not the time to look back but forward into what you are creating anew with all of us
Your time of becoming is so near
You need your energy and focus to prepare.
Recognize this ‘in between time’ for what it is, take the time and care needed to come to terms with the past, honoring what it contributed to you.
Try to support yourself with more quality quiet time and meditate if you can.
The best time to start is just before you fully awaken if you can plan some extra time for yourself and just before you fall asleep. At these times you are in a state of mind which allows easier release of thought and more openness to angelic energy coming in to heal and guide.
It is important to find moments of your choice to practice letting go of your thoughts completely. Try one minute a time, five minutes, ten..
These are the moments you can connect to source, your source, the pure light realm and remember who you are, your Godself.
These moments can replenish you as you bring more of this beautiful light into your being, your life and the world around you.


14.5.2021=555 energy shift

  • Today 14.5.2021=555
    Another important energy shift within the 555 portal between 5.5.2021 – 23.5.2021 signifying change within a Year 2021 of Change.
    You may feel the buzz in the energy today.
    We are indeed undergoing so much change, some of which we are aware and so much beneath the surface with much to be revealed in the near future.
    Many changes have been very uncomfortable but are definitely for higher purposes.
    We are being submerged by a lot of Light from the universe to assist us to ascend. The more Light that shines, the more darkness attempts to hold on and resist. Hence temporary chaos results.
    We are beings of Light
    We know where we come from
    And we know where we’re going
    The thrill of this ascension
    Despite the challenges of purification and release
    Is already felt within
    We know we are on our way to create a better world with spiritual assistance which has decided to intervene.
    Do not be tempted by the chaos
    To return to despair
    That is exactly
    What dark forces are trying
    To push you to
    That is not where you’re going
    Regardless of anything
    going on around you
    Turn within
    And that quiet
    You are searching for
    In your new chapter
    Is already here in reach
    Within you
    Find that peace
    And settle there
    Nurturing that energy
    Will be creating more
    Of it for you and for
    those around you
    Cultivating it
    Will attract more
    Of it
    Towards you
    You are a powerful Creator
    You carry within you
    A seed of the Divine
    And are forever linked
    In a bond of love
    And light
    You are a powerful healer
    You are here today
    Because you are
    Able and meant
    To withstand the challenges
    And shine light
    Throughout the darkness
    Showing all of humanity
    How its done
    Thank you for
    Being here
    Thank you for
    All your efforts
    Nothing has been in vain
    All of it has purpose
    And despite the long stretch
    You will soon see
    More meaning
    To your journey
    And mission
    Bless you

Prayer for Peace


The powers of darkness
Wish us to fuel
The strife
We have the ability
And Act fueling
The Truth
Will be uncovered
And Justice
Will be found
All in Divine timing
But for now
Most urgent
Is to stop the violence
And to do so
We have the power
To stay in our hearts
And not let darkness
Take over
Let us show
Is Stronger
Close your eyes
Breathe Peace
From the Divine
Into your heart
Send this Energy
To the situation
Please do not underestimate the power of collective LIGHT ENERGY
Thank you
We are all ONE

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