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God is ONE

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Today, first day of Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New year) ,

an important day to remember GOD,

 The Creator of us ALL !

Mosh ben Ari, Shotei Hanevuah & Mooki sing the song – “Jah is one”

A few words of the song in my rough translation from Hebrew- ”…God is one…

All is from God (kulu min Alla sung in Arabic)…

We live addicted to the illusion that if the other is different from you, than you

are not yourself…Let`s understand beyond the nonsense…The Rainbow exists in

thousands of different ways…” Hallelujah!



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 Shana Tova from kahliya 2008

Today is the Jewish New year`s eve- ROSH HASHANA in Hebrew.

According to the jewish religion,it is on this day,the sixth day of

creation, that God created man.

It is also believed to be the first of Ten days of Repentance an important time of reflection, in which we think about our lives and actions, and ask forgiveness for our sins. During these days we are inscribed in God`s ”book of life”, as is our fate, to be finally sealed on Yom Kippur, a day devoted to total atonement within prayer and fast.         

A traditional custom practised on the first day is the ”casting off” of our sins by going to a source of flowing water and emptying our pockets of bread crumbs or pebbles -symbolic of our sins, into the water that carries them away..

 I would like to wish everyone regardless of their religion,

 SHANA TOVA – ”good year” in Hebrew;

 a wonderful year full of Light & Love; a year in which we are able to reach within ourselves and find  inner peace that will reflect outwards aswell; a year in which we think not only of ourselves, but a bit more of our brothers & sisters sharing existence on this planet, regardless of race or religion, because we are all in this together;  we are all God`s children, and it is his will and intention for us to ”play” peacefully together, handing a helping hand when needed.

Having said that I also wish us all to find the connection with our magnificent inner selves, our souls, seeds of God planted in each and everyone of us, the sole path to fulfillment and true happiness.


Join me together with Mosh Ben-Ari, wishing Peace/Shalom/Salam

onto us and onto all! AMEN




and..another special treat by Neta from vegan fun who baked us

some yummy pomegranate muffins for Rosh Hashana!


                                                       photo courtesy of Vegan fun


Pomegranate is a traditional symbol served at the festive dinner,

for it`s 613 seeds, one for each of the jewish commandments that are

to be kept.

Rebirth of the Earth

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Art quilt by Carol Bridges, titled `Rebirth of the Earth`


“The substance earth is the raw material for everything made

on this planet,including it`s life forms,the plants,animals,

and human beings.

In twentieth-century technological societies,there is little

awareness of the conciousness that dwells within anything

made of Earth, other than the human form.

However,the native peoples of the world have always seen

conciousness indwelling all things. It may be easy for you

to recognize conciousness in animals,even plants,but what

about dirt itself,stones,and human-created goods?….

Each gem and stone is an individual entity with a lesson of

it`s own to teach. And each one is also a jewel in the conscious

living body of Mother earth herself. Mother Earth is a very

luxurious being,though she may appear quite simple on the surface.

her treasures,like your own, are within. They take some digging and

polishing to uncover.

She also has gifts of gold and silver to give you,precious metals,ores,

oils and woods. Most often we recieve these gifts, in our modern lives,

after they have been manifactured into products by others. It is easy

for us to forget Earth`s part in their creation. And it is particularly easy

to forget the aliveness of these things. Native people once understood

that for every process they put a natural object through,they must make

up for its loss of aliveness or conciousness by replacing it with their own.

Put simply, when they polished and shaped a stone,changing it`s former

integrity,they added their loving desire to create according to an inspired

vision. In other words, they put their spirit into each object.

Today we think of artists and craftspeople doing this. But in native lives,

every process was art. A builder talked to the trees and stones requesting

them to give up their forms to become a dwelling. With their agreement,

she would proceed,adding hir love every step of the way. The finished

product was then a living thing, a dwelling filled with life energy. You

can intuitively sense this energy in any handcrafted item.

What about present-day mass-produced items? These are,for the most

part,dead. They have often been taken,no doubt without asking

permission from the Earth, as raw materials in a disgraceful and

ungrateful way. Nothing has been given back to Earth in return for her

treasures,her body laid bare,unloved,unrespected. The materials

are handled by a series of unhappy,underpaid, uninspired workers

 ignorant of their role in this crime….

You may have and enjoy all the riches of the Earth.You may aquire

as many possessions as you wish.Your power and theirs,comes only

from loving them and using them with your own high conciousness.

Any object can empower you if you treat it as an entity with whom

you have a relationship. Any object can steal your life energy if you

are unaware of its life process…

Foods are gifts from  Mother Earth, too. It is perhaps easiest here to see

that you end up healthier if you garden,cook,and eat simply and with love.

If you eat highly processed,chemicalised foods from abused soils,your

body must simply give up its life force to them. Youth has an abundance of

life force and the results of a sugar,soft drink,abused animal,pesticided

vegetable diet can go unnoticed for years. But balance will come,either

through human awareness and change or disintegration of the body….”


This excellent text is taken from Carol Bridges` bookThe medicine woman

inner guidebook‘ fully experienced accompanied byThe medicine woman

tarot deck also by Carol bridges.

Carol bridges has been a very important and inspiring guide to me through this

book ,escorting me in many different stages of my journey,teaching me the lessons

of creation and the endless wisdom of Mother Earth.

Alice in wonderland

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                                 (photo taken from Pia`s blog)                              


Pia jane bijkerk is without a doubt my chosen queen of the esthetics blogland..
Her blog is undeniably the ”mecca” for all those related to design
in one way or the other..
Like Alice in wonderland,she walks this earth with eyes wide in wonder,
and embraces with a pure heart all that appeals to her,to which she
always adds her own special touch of magic!

This truly exceptionally very talented young lady,has given the term ”creativity”

a whole new meaning,and has been a huge inspiration to me upon my

entrance to blogland,to whom I am ever so grateful!

Words of wisdom

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                                 (photo courtesy of Native kee)

As I join Native Kee in blessing those friends and families who lost

their loved ones on sept.11th, I would like to share with you 

her wonderful words of wisdom adjoined to her post and to thank her

for bringing this thought to our conciousness – …”revenge & compassion cannot live at the same time in one heart.”

food for thought..

Native kee is also the designer of loup charmant, a beautiful line

of pure cotton lingerie.


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This is what Handcraft is all about.

A person`s determination to pursue an undying passion;

a means of expression;of communication among people;

a dialogue between the creator and nature;a bonding between

ourselves and our ancestors…

I was deeply moved by this promo clip for the Craft in America

Project, as I stumbled upon it on Dennis Stevens` blog

Redefining Craft, a very interesting blog in which he reviews

the position of craft in today`s culture.

Scribble scribble

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A sketch of mine,charcoal on paper,36 cm x 40 cm.