Vegan travel


Being vegan is not an easy affair.

It`a choice to live within your beliefs even though

the vast majority around you,the ”consensus”

lives differently,therefore does not easily

accomodate your needs.

Depending on where you live and your style of life,

it can lead to a daily routine of detective research

for the appropriate meal aswell as a constant task of

advocating your reasons,when often all you want to do

is ”dig in” and fill your empty stomach in peace!

Luckily the world is slowly changing,and there is more

and more awareness towards a growing vegan society.

In her vegan blog, Cristen( yes, the very same Cristen that

 crochets the plastic bags!), a very creative and enthusiastic

vegan gives us very much info about veganism(for ex.choose.veg)

 and covers the area of Austin, Texas,

visiting all the interesting vegan spots.

Determined to spread the message that veganism can be fun,

colorful and above all yummy,she and her boyfriend Miguel

had the amazing openhearted initiative to create a get-together

vegan potluck every sunday open to all!

In their vegan potluck site they share this experience with us.

Very shortly Cristen is about to commence a journey around the


Check out her travelsite as she will be sharing her adventures

and discoveries with us,aswell as welcoming any of yours!

take a look at her route and see if there`s any tips you can

give her or thoughts you`d like to share!


Another courageous fellow,travelling the world pursuing

his beliefs, is Jari, a vegan from finland.

Follow his vegan travel blog as he shares with us the stunning

sights he witnesses,his thoughts and experiences aswell

as his review of vegan food all over the globe!

Ohh,and I almost forgot!

My Globetrotter`s salute goes to the both of them!



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