Middle-eastern love affair…

Now..if we`re already into food here,

I would like to share with you two of my most favorite

food bloggers.

I have a very very special spot in my heart & stomach! for

middle eastern cooking,as it also has it`s respectful place

within my mixed roots..

Although not vegan specialised,

they include many dishes that are ”vegan friendly”,aswell as

many that  are worth the effort of modifying them into a vegan

 version,just because they are so good!

I find  the soul invested by these amazing women so inspiring,

reminding us just what the idea of food & nourishing

is all about.

Burcu from almost turkish has provided me with a cure

for my reminiscing the delicious Turkish food I have grown

accustomed to while living in turkey.


Eggplant & lentil stew with pomegranate molasses(Mualle)


pumpkin dessert


Sisters Zainab & Hameeda from Arabic bites,bring us

fabulous delicacies from the Arab world.


Sprouted wheat flat bread



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