Shana Tova from kahliya 2008

Today is the Jewish New year`s eve- ROSH HASHANA in Hebrew.

According to the jewish religion,it is on this day,the sixth day of

creation, that God created man.

It is also believed to be the first of Ten days of Repentance an important time of reflection, in which we think about our lives and actions, and ask forgiveness for our sins. During these days we are inscribed in God`s ”book of life”, as is our fate, to be finally sealed on Yom Kippur, a day devoted to total atonement within prayer and fast.         

A traditional custom practised on the first day is the ”casting off” of our sins by going to a source of flowing water and emptying our pockets of bread crumbs or pebbles -symbolic of our sins, into the water that carries them away..

 I would like to wish everyone regardless of their religion,

 SHANA TOVA – ”good year” in Hebrew;

 a wonderful year full of Light & Love; a year in which we are able to reach within ourselves and find  inner peace that will reflect outwards aswell; a year in which we think not only of ourselves, but a bit more of our brothers & sisters sharing existence on this planet, regardless of race or religion, because we are all in this together;  we are all God`s children, and it is his will and intention for us to ”play” peacefully together, handing a helping hand when needed.

Having said that I also wish us all to find the connection with our magnificent inner selves, our souls, seeds of God planted in each and everyone of us, the sole path to fulfillment and true happiness.


Join me together with Mosh Ben-Ari, wishing Peace/Shalom/Salam

onto us and onto all! AMEN




and..another special treat by Neta from vegan fun who baked us

some yummy pomegranate muffins for Rosh Hashana!


                                                       photo courtesy of Vegan fun


Pomegranate is a traditional symbol served at the festive dinner,

for it`s 613 seeds, one for each of the jewish commandments that are

to be kept.


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