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Ful Medames

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ful-049 this is where I begin revealing part of the complex and colorful

mosaic created by my roots..

This part is called ‘Egypt’ and I have enthusiastically  embraced many aspects of this culture.I remember growing up,every friday evening,watching the Egyptian movies with my father,having so much fun mimicking the melodramatic phrases in Arabic of the actors and waiting impatiently for the belly dancer to commence her moves so I can join in with her..!

Naima Akef Belly Dancing in the Egyptian Movie

A large part of this cultural effect in my life has been the food! And there is no talking about Egyptian food without beginning respectfully with what might probably be the most important and ancient dish- ”Ful Medames” , a dish said to be dated from the pharaos,originally considered a food for the ”poor”,eaten today by all ,mainly as a hearty breakfast preparing for a full day of work,as it is so filling and energy boosting.


The dish is made of fava beans,the small knobbly type,though some people use the larger broad kidney shaped type.When fresh these beans are originally green,as they dry they gradually turn from a green color to brown.I am stating this because some people (like me) find that waiting for them to turn brown is worth while as they gain an added flavor.


Enough chitter chatter…

Down to business-

Soak the beans in lots of water early the prior evening(about 12 hrs).

Next morning,rinse and put the beans in a pot with plenty of water,add a large nice and ripe tomato cut in quarters; a large onion also cut in quarters and some ground cumin and bring to a boil,cover the pot and simmer on a very low heat for about 2-3 hrs.Check that the beans should be quite soft but don`t overcook them, as they harden again.

Now,this is the fun part!

Some like their ful then cooked in a nice Tomato sauce,with rice on the side.While I agree it`s a nice version,there is still  nothing like the Classic-

Place cooked beans in a shallow soup plate,sprinkle salt,pepper, ground Cumin,top with Olive oil and chopped fresh Parsley/Coriander,squeezed Lemon juice and…last but definitely not least-Tahin sauce-which is a bulk sesame paste,(available especially wherever you buy Middle Eastern products),diluted in water and fresh Lemon juice(stirring well until smooth paste obtained),adding salt and a  bit of ground Cumin,to which some like adding chopped fresh Parsley and crushed Garlic.

Et Voila…Now,the original version takes on a hardboiled egg ,but we will gladly omit that part,since we are Vegans, right?


The Traditional way to eat this is by crushing the beans with the fork while mixing in all the other ingredients,scooping it up to your delight with hand-torn pieces of fresh pita bread and a nice Oriental salad made of chopped Lettuce,tomato and cucumber (seasoned with Olive oil,Lemon juice,salt and pepper)on the side,without forgetting the Olives of-course!






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“Being true to oneself…no matter how much of a strange creature one may feel within the crowd…”

An Original painting of mine,painted with diluted Oil Paint on paper,



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I`m so happy to announce I have finally opened my new online handcraft shop!

Be sure to stop by every here and there,because if you know never know what surprises I have in ‘store’…

 I will gradually be adding more and more products of a vast variety. Making a strict point of enjoying what I do, I never limit my creativity to any defined barriers other than carrying Love and Joy aswell as trying my best to apply Natural or recycled materials…

Please take note that there is a link to my shop here on my blog(towards the bottom right column),

aswell as on my





See you all at my shop! 🙂

Take 2(for World Children`s Day)

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I have to confess,after posting this post,as I gaze upon this photo of these Angelic little creatures,I am drawn to the conclusion that they-our future generation,our seeds of continuation, are here most probably to teach us more than we are to teach them. Or maybe a more exact definition would be that there is meant to be an exchange of teachings.

When I reflect upon their immense ”intoxicating” energy of love,their naive sense of wander,wonder & curiosity and their pure sense of openness,I can`t help but wonder,with a twitch of yearning & nostalgia,where did ”our`s” all go..?

Do we have the courage to embrace this challenge;let go of old ”can`t ,don`t & won`ts” representing old fears and enter this exchange guiding the little ones constructively while allowing them to ”re-teach” us Freedom,Openness and Love?

Little do we realise the power of making this world a better in our very own 2 hands …2+2+2+2……=world!

Let`s go for it!

Who`s afraid of Quinoa,anyway..?

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I am! Or atleast I was…till my sister in law decided to break the barrier for me.I dont know what it is..but although I know Quinoa is very nutritional,being very high in protein,with a balanced amino acid content,and high in important minerals such as Iron and Magnesium, making it perfect for Vegans,aswell as Gluten free and very light and easy to digest, I had this ‘thing’ with their form,their tiny ”tails” to be exact,just didnt appeal to me..

But then it happened,she brought me over a huge batch of Quinoa that she had prepared and I just gulped it all up! So light and so tasty!

So here`s the deal:

Cook the Quinoa in water,using 1 part Quinoa to 1.5 parts slightly salted water(some use 2 parts water,maybe effecting  the resulting crunchiness the Quinoa sometimes has),

bringing to a quick boil then simmering for 10-15 min,until tender.

In a separate pan,sautè some chopped Onion in Olive oil,some grated Carrot and add some spices,

in this case a prepared spice mix was used,but you can add complementing flavor that appeals to you,I guess some cinnamon and a bit of black pepper would be nice with the carrots,aswell as a small amount of chopped walnuts for an added crunch and maybe some raisins if you feel like flowing with the sweetness.

As the carrots soften add the mixture to the quinoa, adding a bit of Olive oil if extra moisture seems necessary.

There you go!

As easy as 1,2,3!

More Quinoa recipies here.

The best

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I`ve been searching all over town,for the best looking models

to present my creations…and what was I thinking…they were here all


My fabulous adorable nieces…not only are they beautiful,but with 

their Amazing loving energy I could knit endlessly!

Gifts with Love

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This is a gift my great friend Tanja gave me years back..

and I have carried it along with me wherever I went,holding

in it all my valuables.

It is a gift I cherish very much,as it was handmade by her,

and shows how much Love she has put into it for me,it is

absolutely gorgeous and although it has travelled with me

around the globe and has been in unfavorable conditions,

it stands out bright and proud of itself,as it should!

Once again,I believe in gifts made and given with intention

and Love! Nothing else exists!