Carob-Banana cupcakes


carob-banana cupcake


Apart from being vegan,I am also very much ”Pro-Natural”.

Basically I believe in the natural ingredients Earth is presenting to us,

as providing all we need in terms of nutrition and taste buds!

When it comes to sweets,Im a huge fan,I probably like baking more than

cooking…There`s something about preparing sweets that’s allways

a surprise!

Food is something we must have in our routine,

sweets are less expected,less obvious,

hence,more of an added gift..

In Turkey,there is a common saying I like very much which says-

”After a quarrel,let us eat sweets to sweeten our words..”

It becomes even more of a surprise as I am in constant search of the most natural way to

create something healthy and yummy!

When baking I try as much as possible not to use any raising agents.

For these cupcakes I`ve used:

Whole wheat flour

A dash of salt

A few pinches of jaggery*(can very easily go without/

or with a bit of brown sugar)

Pure unsweetened Carob molasses

Crushed Banana

Coarsely chopped Walnuts

Some warm water

Some Soy milk


There you go

Just mix it all,starting with the flour,

adding a dash of salt

and the sugar,which really isn’t terribly needed

since the carob molasses is so sweet!

*Jaggery is a very healthy  unrefined sap

obtained from the sugar cane,highly considered in ”Ayurveda“‘,Indian Medicine.

Jaggery is mostly found wherever you find Indian/Asian food products,densly packed

either in the shape of a large cube or cone,in a Golden color.

Make sure you buy it in a nice light shade of Gold and not dark,as it darkens with age.



Then add the Carob molasses ,mix it well into the flour,adding

warm water and soy milk to create a smooth consistency.

The mixture should be a moist paste.

Add the crushed Banana

and Walnuts

Pour into cupcake molds

I used paper molds which I inserted in the cupcake pan.

Fill the molds 3/4 way.

* Dont expect them to rise that much,since there’s no agent

They do not become fluffy

They are rich and moist.

Depending on your oven

Bake them at a moderate to hot oven (200-250)

and take close care not to over bake them

as they are to stay a bit moist

A good technique is to insert a wooden toothpick

or sharp knife and see when it comes out almost dry

It took me about 15-20 minutes in a small Toaster-oven.







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