Who`s afraid of Quinoa,anyway..?



I am! Or atleast I was…till my sister in law decided to break the barrier for me.I dont know what it is..but although I know Quinoa is very nutritional,being very high in protein,with a balanced amino acid content,and high in important minerals such as Iron and Magnesium, making it perfect for Vegans,aswell as Gluten free and very light and easy to digest, I had this ‘thing’ with their form,their tiny ”tails” to be exact,just didnt appeal to me..

But then it happened,she brought me over a huge batch of Quinoa that she had prepared and I just gulped it all up! So light and so tasty!

So here`s the deal:

Cook the Quinoa in water,using 1 part Quinoa to 1.5 parts slightly salted water(some use 2 parts water,maybe effecting  the resulting crunchiness the Quinoa sometimes has),

bringing to a quick boil then simmering for 10-15 min,until tender.

In a separate pan,sautè some chopped Onion in Olive oil,some grated Carrot and add some spices,

in this case a prepared spice mix was used,but you can add complementing flavor that appeals to you,I guess some cinnamon and a bit of black pepper would be nice with the carrots,aswell as a small amount of chopped walnuts for an added crunch and maybe some raisins if you feel like flowing with the sweetness.

As the carrots soften add the mixture to the quinoa, adding a bit of Olive oil if extra moisture seems necessary.

There you go!

As easy as 1,2,3!

More Quinoa recipies here.


2 Responses to “Who`s afraid of Quinoa,anyway..?”

  1. Aga/Agnes/Agnieszka Says:

    This is great! I bet Cristen would get a big kick out of it. I recently had her mom, boyfriend, and our roommate/best friend over for dinner and this was a key part of the meal thanks to Kasia’s great cooking!
    Quinoa for life!


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Hey! Now you`ve made me curious..and hungry!Love to hear her version!


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