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Happy New year-2009

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I believe we-the global community, are living a very delicate and trying  moment. As in any crisis,other than entering an aimless state of panic,maybe this could serve as a message to pause and think,looking inwards as individuals,and on a larger scale-as a society, re-evaluating our value system,re-considering where and in what do we invest our energies-as in who and what are we supporting ,how much do we take other`s needs into consideration,and what do we contribute to our society.

It seems as though the message of everything interlinking is becoming louder and clearer everyday,and we can no longer disregard the outcomes of our actions.

My prayers go to the less fortunate,as I hope we use this moment to focus on opening our hearts and lending out a helping hand cooperating to form a better ,stronger and happier world.

I wish everyone  a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May this year Enlighten  the  Darkness

May this year Aid to Unveil the Hidden Power of becoming 

A  BETTER  YOU = More of who you Really Are!





Date balls

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Sweet tooth.?

Why not go for something healthy for a change?

So easy to make,even with kids,leaving an open door for many creative variations,Date balls are made essentially of Dates which are high in Iron and Calcium besides being a very healthy form of natural carbohydrates.


Pitted Dates (there are prepared pastes,but I prefer choosing my own  nice dates,and pitting them by myself thank you very much..)

Roughly chopped Walnuts



Freshly squeezed Lemon/or Salt(optional)

A few drops of Sesame oil (optional)

Sesame seeds


After pitting the Dates,pressing them together forms a paste.Treat it as molding clay and be creative!

I sprinkle some cinnamon,a few drops of Rosewater(usually found where you find Mediteranean products),a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon for a bit of contrast to the sweetness of the Dates(or a bit of Salt if you prefer),and a few drops of Sesame oil too smoothen the paste if you like(optional).Add the chopped Walnuts,roll into balls, and roll them into a plate of Sesame seeds.

And..presto! Fun Yummy sweets to be kept in the refrigerator to harden.

Feel free to use the date paste as a base to which you can experiment with any other chopped nuts and spices of your choice!


Doah-Egyptian spice mixture

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If we are already in the Egyptian kitchen, as I actually went to buy my habitual ”’ful-fix” from the spice market, the merchant offered:”‘I just happened to grind a fresh batch of Doah,would you like some?”

One whiff and he got me..

Doah is a mixture of ground spices eaten for breakfast or any snack time,usually by dipping  pieces of  pita bread first in olive oil,then into the mixture.Another nice version would be to spread some olive oil on toasted bread and then some ”Doah” on top..deeeelicious! Feel free to sprinkle the spice on salad or experiment using it in different dishes!

Doah mixture:

1/2 cup Coriander seeds

2 tbs Cumin seeds

1/2 cup Peanuts

1/2 Salt

1/2 cup Split dried Chickpeas

1/4 cup Dried Mint leaves

1/2 cup Sesame seeds

* Please note that combinations and relative amounts differ upon personal taste.


Toast each of the spices (not including salt  and mint)separately a little bit in a skillet to release their aroma,then grind all of them together.   Save in an airtight jar.

The aroma this spice has is fabulous and ever so warming in this weather..can`t you smell it already..?