Date balls



Sweet tooth.?

Why not go for something healthy for a change?

So easy to make,even with kids,leaving an open door for many creative variations,Date balls are made essentially of Dates which are high in Iron and Calcium besides being a very healthy form of natural carbohydrates.


Pitted Dates (there are prepared pastes,but I prefer choosing my own  nice dates,and pitting them by myself thank you very much..)

Roughly chopped Walnuts



Freshly squeezed Lemon/or Salt(optional)

A few drops of Sesame oil (optional)

Sesame seeds


After pitting the Dates,pressing them together forms a paste.Treat it as molding clay and be creative!

I sprinkle some cinnamon,a few drops of Rosewater(usually found where you find Mediteranean products),a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon for a bit of contrast to the sweetness of the Dates(or a bit of Salt if you prefer),and a few drops of Sesame oil too smoothen the paste if you like(optional).Add the chopped Walnuts,roll into balls, and roll them into a plate of Sesame seeds.

And..presto! Fun Yummy sweets to be kept in the refrigerator to harden.

Feel free to use the date paste as a base to which you can experiment with any other chopped nuts and spices of your choice!



2 Responses to “Date balls”

  1. I love sweets made with dates, it was one of my first posts when I started. These look delicious!


  2. Hey Meeso!
    How are you doing?Merry Christmas!
    Yes Dates are lovely..I will immediatly check up on your version! 🙂


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