Happy New year-2009


I believe we-the global community, are living a very delicate and trying  moment. As in any crisis,other than entering an aimless state of panic,maybe this could serve as a message to pause and think,looking inwards as individuals,and on a larger scale-as a society, re-evaluating our value system,re-considering where and in what do we invest our energies-as in who and what are we supporting ,how much do we take other`s needs into consideration,and what do we contribute to our society.

It seems as though the message of everything interlinking is becoming louder and clearer everyday,and we can no longer disregard the outcomes of our actions.

My prayers go to the less fortunate,as I hope we use this moment to focus on opening our hearts and lending out a helping hand cooperating to form a better ,stronger and happier world.

I wish everyone  a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May this year Enlighten  the  Darkness

May this year Aid to Unveil the Hidden Power of becoming 

A  BETTER  YOU = More of who you Really Are!





6 Responses to “Happy New year-2009”

  1. Happy New Year!!!


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    thanx meeso!
    You 2!


  3. Nice message. Wishing you a Happy New Year! 🙂


  4. Jacques Meyrav Says:

    Profund message coming from a noble heart
    Love you Mia and Happy New year to you too


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