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Message of LOVE

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It is the season of Love with Valentine`s day coming up,and I would like to put an emphasis on the word LOVE.I believe it is exactly what is needed much more of on this earth at the moment,for it is the lack of Love,which is causing us to act in fear,anger and pain ,believing this  can restore the harmony ,tranquility and Love we all so yearn for…but it is my humble belief that ONLY LOVE can bring LOVE..

I agree, it takes an enormous amount of courage to step up,reach out ,extend a hand to ‘the other’ whilst the prior offense and pain  are  fresh in our memory,but  ‘forgiveness is light’  and by taking that ‘chance’ on forgiveness and compassion,by respecting and opening ourselves to the other,we open ourselves to join hand in hand  in respect and appreciation of the greatest gift of all, the gift that GOD has given us, the GIFT of LIFE.

At the very least maybe we can begin by trying  to generate as much love as possible when and where we can ,taking into consideration more and more ‘others’ ,being whom we would normally not care to think of,within our comfortable and safe boundaries,slightly stretching them as we go along..just a thought for valentine`s day..  🙂

We are all in this together!


Bearing these thoughts in mind, I am creating a series of  crocheted heart -pouch necklaces ,as gifts for Valentine`s day to sell in my online handcraft shop,while I choose to DONATE the benefit of their sale to UNICEF who is currently raising funds to purchase urgent necessities for the children of Gaza,in a symbolic effort to recreate balance of love in the world;and as an act of pure compassion as human suffering is human suffering,and we should never close our hearts to the suffering of others.


Think of it as an opportunity of offering your love to your loved one aswell as to an unknown child in need at the same time;an opportunity of aiding in restoring the balance of LOVE in this world.



Visit my shop here .




Compassionate creativity

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Chuck of  ‘downtothewiredesigns’

What a highly inspiring way to begin this New Year!

In the midst of all the craziness going on in this world,it is just so uplifting to see people take the real needs of this world seriously ,set with a pure value system and a heart of Gold!

I read this article on Etsy`s handmade blog  interviewing Chuck, a Jewelry  Designer who owns the line Downtothewiredesigns and has an online shop on ETSY.

Call me a dreamer,but I believe there is a revolution going on,maybe slow and maybe quiet,but it`s there..More and more people are tired of a reality inwhich material power overrules, disregarding the needs of others,destroying the basic natural harmonic balance of all creation!

Chuck does not suffice with creating beauty with his pure hands and soul,contributing already in changing the existing monopoly of Mass production,aiding in changing our value systems,but allows himself to doubt even more about his work and contribution to humankind,searching endlessly for ways to give and make a change,he has decided to give of his creations to charity in many different ways.

I was deeply moved to learn about his quiery and inner debate whether he was giving enough,as I was equally glad to see the immense amount of handcrafters responding to him sharing the same values!Read the full article here.


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 I want to thank Chuck for the inspiration,and Etsy for the article.Etsy is a blessed initiative in itself bringing together and promoting  handcrafters from all over the world creating a beautiful power of change!

I am proud to be part of Etsy as I am equally proud to be part of a growing population of  people who care and search to make a difference!

Luxurious recycling

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                                     photo by Gulnur Ozdaglar

I discovered Gulnur Ozdaglar via Design*sponge and I am thrilled!

Her work is so stunning I am practically speechless..I am particularily moved by her so creative initiative of recycling  used plastic Pet bottles! I believe she takes recycling up to a whole new level,investing so much fine work and creating such beauty that form genuine products of luxury!

I find it very inspiring and uplifting to begin the New Year learning of such a Positive initiative!

Harika Gulnur!Bravo! and Thank you!

For more of her work check out  the article on Design*sponge  and Gulnur Ozdaglar`s  blog!