Baharat-spice blend



Baharat is a spice blend typically used in Middle Eastern countries.The word Baharat means spice/spices in Arabic,but oddly enough it`s origin leads us to a Sanscrit  name of  ‘India’; also said to be derived from the word ‘Bahar’ in Arabic which means pepper,as it is a blend of pepper with other spices.

In Israel this spice blend is known to have  been introduced by the community of  Jews coming from IraQ,though many countries in the middle east have the same basic blend,as certain ingredients differ slightly.Some include dried mint;others rose petals;sometimes it has Cassia bark and at others loomi(dried black lime)and saffron threads,or Cardamom.

Baharat is mostly used for Meat dishes and soups.I adore this blend,it is one of my favorite spices as I add it to almost everything! Since  I am vegan,there is no meat involved here,but I enjoy the warming flavor it gives to soups and veggies.I found it to be especially enhancing  for ‘meat substitutes’  for example the dehydrated minced soy protein,which I add to the fillings of  stuffed vegetables that I make..but more of that another time.. 🙂

As I have mentioned the combination varies slightly but this is the variation I know and use:

For a small jar of 100 gram:

50 gram ground Cinnamon

6  ground Nutmeg seeds

2 tblspoon rose petals

1 tblspoon ground dried Ginger

1 tblspoon ground Cloves

50 gram ground Black pepper

50 gram ground Allspice


Combine all ground spices together and mix well.keep in an airtight closed jar away from sunlight.

While freshly grinding these spices in the authentic manner-with a pestle and mortar is obviously the best,it is not always possible and machine grinding them is fine aswell as buying them ready ground,though try to make sure they are freshly and purely ground.

Feel free to experiment on making the combination that works the best for you!

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9 Responses to “Baharat-spice blend”

  1. This was a very interesting read for me, as I did not know about baharat. Now, of course, I want to try it!


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Cheers Simona! Im looking forward to seeing what amazing creation you will ‘whip up’ with it..! Baci,Mia


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