Spinach Samosa/borekito

Spinach Samosa-Kahliya-logue

My favorite comfort food is almost anything with a dough to it..! Lately Ive been feeling in the need for a comfort food fix,but the paradox of it is,that normally this specific mode does not come with enormous amounts of energy..if you know what I mean..resulting in a binge of any comforting ,tasty ,totally unhealthy pastry I can get my hands on! Familiar scenario..?

Well,in this case,I had just enough energy to whip up something quite easy ,comforting and HEALTHY!


The dough is actually the same wholewheat dough I have prepared for the Pizza that I made,with the Ajwan seeds in it,and once formed-decorated with Nigella seeds.The filling is with Sauted Leek,spinach and Champignon mushrooms,much like what I did for the lentils in my Mujadarah post,though can easily be filled with a combo of any of the 3 components,or any of them separate!

The result is a very tasty bite, fit for many occasions such as party bites,snacks,take away lunch for school/travel/work/picnic;or self indulging when in need for a comfort food fix like me  🙂


For the dough:

2 cups whole wheat flour

1/4 cup Olive oil

1/3 cup tepid water


Ajwain seeds

Nigella seeds to decorate


For the filling:

spinach leaves

1 large leek(2 small)

Champignon mushrooms

Olive oil


Baharat (optional)

dried Sage leaves

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Prepare the dough just as I explained here.

place covered in fridge for an hour.(in this case  again I actually only waited 10 minutes..seems Im impatient lately hmmm..but it worked fine all the same!)

Prepare the filling :

In a frying pan,Saute the diced leek in some olive oil,until golden,then add the coarsely chopped mushrooms braising them a bit,then add the roughly torn spinach leaves allowing them just to soften a bit,not totally losing their form as they are yet to be baked aswell.While on the heat add salt,pepper,1 tsp baharat,1.5 tsp crushed dried sage leaves,blending into the mixture and remove from heat.Allow to cool.

Take out your dough,and form balls slightly bigger then a ping pong ball,flatten each ball onto a surface sprinkled with the nigel seeds,to form a flat circle.Add a tbsp of the mixture into the center(make sure there is no excess liquid) and fold the circle in half forming a crescent moon shape,then pressing the edges to make it stick.An added decorative touch would be to start on one end pressing down once with a finger,then twisting the next ‘finger distance’ and pressing down,then again-press down and follow by a twist continuing until you reach the other end.If you dont succeed fist off just stick first time to pressing down firmly to ensure it`s closed tightly.

Prepare all the ‘crescents’ and place on a tray/dish layered with parchment baking paper,bake in oven preheated to 250 degrees(may slightly differ-I used toaster oven), for about 15-20 minutes,take close care not to burn them,allowing them to reach a crisp tan,not more.



* I am sending this entry to the Healthy bite event  hosted by Rachana from The gourmet launchpad,hoping it will still be accepted,as I have discovered about it a bit too late..! If not it is definitely  inspired by her event !

To see the wonderful roundup of this event( I finally DID participate!) see here!

* I initially titled them here as “samosa” though I personally know and have been preparing them for yrs as “Borekitos”(small borek). I believe this to be yet another delightful and heartwarming example of how so many various cultures coincide,each of them adding their own touch.


7 Responses to “Spinach Samosa/borekito”

  1. Lovely! I like how you combined elements from different recipes to create a new one.


  2. Samosas are a very Indian snack, and this is a very unusual filling. Baking it helps make it healthier.
    About the Thandai (almond milk) on my blog, I really don’t know about using almond milk instead of milk. You could try it. Thandai is essentially almond flavoured milk, so you could perhaps dilute the almond milk a bit with water.
    At the end, it is what suits you that counts.:)


  3. mmm… lovely combination! ..and i love all these kind of seeds (which are kind of special for me here in Europe – also to get… do you think the filling with spinach would fit to a spelt/the genuin grain dough too?


  4. kahliyalogue Says:

    * Hi Aparna,yes I like to ‘mix and match’ with different cultural influences..thanx for tip on that fabulous almond drink you`ve presented!

    *Hey Tanja,thank you so much! Don`t worry,Im sure you can get them where you`re at,just find a special mediterranean grocery that sells all these products.Otherwise I`ve noticed they also are sold online.
    As for the spelt-Im sure it would work aswell!


  5. kahliyalogue Says:

    * Thank you Simona! Its a bit like a creative thread,you get inspired by certain products and then one form of preparation leads to another one.. 🙂


  6. Yummy borek! I love doughy food also. If it werent’ for the calories, I’d be eating something doughy everyday.


  7. kahliyalogue Says:

    Thanx Nihal! Im the same..that is exactly why I tried to come up with a healthy and non-fattening version.. I wonder what it is in the doughy food that makes it so attractive to us..? 🙂


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