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Live life as it is..

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“This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.


A joy,a depression,a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and attend them all!

Even if they`re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of it`s furniture still,

treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.


The dark thought,the shame,the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.


Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.”

                                            Mevlana Rumi/The Iluminated Rumi p.76


The Power of life..

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         photo of Rita Levi Montalcini/courtesy of


I saw this article on yahoo this morning along with this stunning photo..and I remain speechless..

In this day and age,as we find ourselves totally obsessed with physical apearances as a symbol of youth and longevity..there is a woman who is too busy living life at it`s fullest to pay any attention to our silly preoccupations..

Not only does her elegant and stunning looks at age 100! put our cosmetic bags  to shame ,but even more impressive to my opinion is her undenying obstinate dedication to her own inner truth,despite ANY limitations and lack of support around her,serving as pure proof that abiding by the true essence of life is more powerful than anything that objects to it.

Unfortunately it is always the rare few that are strong enough to function against the grind ,away from the embrace of the herd ,so they can serve as a living example that things can be done differently,and it is our responsability to aknowledge this effort and learn from their experience..

Hugely and forever inspired,I remain immensely grateful to Rita Levi Montalcini for her guiding example.



Cream of Sweet Potato

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Cream of Sweet potato/Kahliya-logue

 Yes t`is Spring…and oh so lovely to see the sun shining at last! Though part of it being Spring is that it is not alltogether warm yet..and it even gets pretty cool dont go tucking in those sweaters as of yet..! And if I may add,it`s actually still kind of nice to have a warm comforting soup.You must agree that Sweet potato is very comforting! I have already written about a simple Sweet potato(&Pumpkin) soup before,but this time I wanted a more classic pampering creamy version.Except,I dont use cream,nor do I use Cow`s milk.I used Soy Milk,and you know what?It turned out pretty awesome! This version is tremendously easy aswell,so if you like Sweet potatoes,give it a try! Did you know that Sweet potatoes are not only nice and sweet but also highly nutritious?

Ingredients:   (Yeilds 2 servings)

5 baby Sweet potatoes

 5 Champignon Mushrooms

1 chopped onion

3/4 cup Soy mik

1 tbs crushed Dried Sage leaves

1 tbs crushed Dried Zaatar leaves(not mix) /Oregano

Salt & Pepper

1 tbs Cinnamon

*    *    *    *    *

Wash the Sweet potatoes and cut in large chunks.

Place in a pot barely covering with water,bring to a boil,reduce heat and cook till tender.

Blend them with their cooking water,

Return the blend to the stove,add Spices and Soy milk.

Separately Saute chopped Onion and then Chopped Mushrooms,

and add to the cream without blending (I like it this way,did I mention before I just love chunky? 🙂 but if you prefer you can ofcourse blend it all together.

Adjust,spices to your taste and add more milk if necessary.


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Once again Im back from a delightful but too brief an encounter with another beautiful Mediterranean sister,The Island of Cyprus! Although I have been there before yrs back,this time I was able to enjoy and appreciate more of her beauty with eyes slightly wiser,though still within very compromising circumstances.

 A visit which has left me with the taste of more..and I am hopeful to be able to enjoy more fully once again in the near future!

I have a collection of photos,which regretfully do not do this lovely experience justice..but I hope it will deliver a small taste,enough to make you want to explore for yourselves.. 🙂

One of the treasures I return with is the return to the flavor of pure simplicity,be it in food or in atmosphere.The flavor,the tempo,the tone of harmony and balance..

The return to quiet,to the true original flavor of a walnut,to the pure sweetness of a Date,to the tranquil sip of traditional coffee for an afternoon pick me up,or the empowering energy brought on by traditionally pressed sesame seeds…after living in the hustle and bustle of modern feels so good to return to something that seems just right..breathing fresh air slowwwly,appreciating the natural landscapes of this earth aswell as its produce by continuing to cultivate it without harming it,resulting in fruit full of pride and potent without the need of any added masquerade..pure simplicity..just like it was supposed to be…

Also I might add..It seemed to me to be one of the cleanest and most esthetic places I have ever seen ..and Ive been around a bit..another symbol of appreciation of our earth and of what we have,which is a pleasure to see..!


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Well..this is completely unofficial..I dont even have  any photos taken as I am exhausted..but I felt the need to inform you folks..that Cyprus is indeed another Beeeeeautful pearl in the Mediteranean..Warm in weather and in people..and once again ..the food..Amazing..! Funny enough every time I take off to these spots,I am told I will not have anything to eat,given my limitations(Vegan)..and once again Ive got to tell you that I havent eaten so much and so well in a long time! All that without any special requests or many lovely local dishes that are so healthy fulfilling and absolutely Marvelous! First thing I tried as soon as I landed was some local Tahin and salad,and you know what? I actually had  3 dishes of Tahin! It was the best tahin I have ever had..and believe me,I am the Tahin queen! 🙂 I am a Tahin addict and have tried them all (almost)..

Tahin is a paste made of Sesame seeds,I have briefly written about before.Cant remember where now,did I mention Im exhausted? 🙂 Wow wouldnt it be nice if I would take off from here as a food/travelogue on the go..hmmmm.ok ok landing..where was I ..

Yes.I will have the honor of posting a more serious official post about this magical paste(loaded with Iron and other wonders..) that becomes a dip,as soon as I come back..because,as I complimented the chef and asked for the name of the brand,he promised to send me home with a huge container and his get ready! Yes yes of course Ill share some with you..  🙂

See you later Aligator..

This lady needs her beauty sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Back to work..

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Evidently,all this abundance of colors,aromas and love has strongly awoken my creative juices and I am dying to get back to work!

With spring coming along with it`s bright sunshine ; I cant wait to get to a new start as soon as I get back from Cyprus..

With the help of:

Some fabulous fabric I got in Jordan..


Some beautiful local traditional pieces of needle-work..


Some amazing “Faux”-leather I got here..


Tons of  plastic bags that Ive collected from which I`ve started creating a collection of colorful articles..inspired by my friend Cristen,look what this amazing girl is up to now!




and some new additional guidance from a book I`ve been dying to read,and when I recently read about it again in an excellent inspiring  post that Jena from modishbiztips wrote,I finally ran to buy it!

A new Eart /Eckhart Tolle

Looks like it`s gonna be a vibrant colorful spring-summer collection..can`t wait to get back and get to it..!

See y`all when I get back..!

Im back..

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Hey guys..Im back..!

I had this chance to get back to my old travelling self,with an invitation  to go on a short trip,and I grabbed it! Wow,it`s been a bit over a year..and it feels sooo good to be out there again…hmmm.Sometimes I wish I could make it my job..

As to where I was..well it`s one of those places where the Tomatoes are real Red and tasty,like they were once upon a time…where Spices remain ever so proud standing in the front row of attention bursting with their fresh original aromas;where the preparation of food is a Major Hearty Affair;where the people have not lost their smiles nor their instinctive warm embrace of those who come to visit them..It`s called the magical warm hospitality of the Middle -East. I went to Amman,JORDAN,this was my first visit.

I am still under the spell of this wonderous visit;a very brief one,but one that has left a huge impact and has stirred many emotions,reconnecting and strengthening within me many issues that I hold close to the point that I am convinced will influence my decisions regarding my life in the near future,though still unaware exactly how,nor am I able to put all this into words at the moment.

Confined to the tempo and agenda of those I was with,I did not get to see Petra or anything like that,nor was I able to invest too much in taking photos..I just flowed with the go,and experienced the ‘moments’ more fully than if I would stop to “freeze” and ”shoot” them..

I met some Amazing people who have touched my heart deeply;tasted  fabulous food that  made me high,and seen some simple touches of beauty that made me cry…

Here are some photos that I took,though I would of loved to share much richer impressions,I hope to do so in the future some other way.




As for the prior post.Yes,it was Foul medammes.I have written about it here.One thing I was not aware of was that many times the ful is more of a ”soupy” mash,and to obtain this result,if you prefer, other than the beans remaining in their original form,you must cook the peeled split beans,easily found in the middle East,but Im not so sure as to other places..

Believe it or not..Im off to another brief trip to another close destiny..more about it when I get back! 🙂