Im back..

Hey guys..Im back..!

I had this chance to get back to my old travelling self,with an invitation  to go on a short trip,and I grabbed it! Wow,it`s been a bit over a year..and it feels sooo good to be out there again…hmmm.Sometimes I wish I could make it my job..

As to where I was..well it`s one of those places where the Tomatoes are real Red and tasty,like they were once upon a time…where Spices remain ever so proud standing in the front row of attention bursting with their fresh original aromas;where the preparation of food is a Major Hearty Affair;where the people have not lost their smiles nor their instinctive warm embrace of those who come to visit them..It`s called the magical warm hospitality of the Middle -East. I went to Amman,JORDAN,this was my first visit.

I am still under the spell of this wonderous visit;a very brief one,but one that has left a huge impact and has stirred many emotions,reconnecting and strengthening within me many issues that I hold close to the point that I am convinced will influence my decisions regarding my life in the near future,though still unaware exactly how,nor am I able to put all this into words at the moment.

Confined to the tempo and agenda of those I was with,I did not get to see Petra or anything like that,nor was I able to invest too much in taking photos..I just flowed with the go,and experienced the ‘moments’ more fully than if I would stop to “freeze” and ”shoot” them..

I met some Amazing people who have touched my heart deeply;tasted  fabulous food that  made me high,and seen some simple touches of beauty that made me cry…

Here are some photos that I took,though I would of loved to share much richer impressions,I hope to do so in the future some other way.




As for the prior post.Yes,it was Foul medammes.I have written about it here.One thing I was not aware of was that many times the ful is more of a ”soupy” mash,and to obtain this result,if you prefer, other than the beans remaining in their original form,you must cook the peeled split beans,easily found in the middle East,but Im not so sure as to other places..

Believe it or not..Im off to another brief trip to another close destiny..more about it when I get back! 🙂


4 Responses to “Im back..”

  1. This is great… my mouth is watering just looking at there. Cristen was in Jordan for a few months right before we met. She’ll be so excited for you! Where are you off to next??? The suspense is killing me!

    I wish you love and luck and safe travels… Let your heart and mind guide you in unison. =)


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Hey Ag! Thank you so much..Yeah it was great but terribly short..I just got back now from Cyprus..another piece of heaven! 🙂


  3. thanks for the visual feast!


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