Back to work..

Evidently,all this abundance of colors,aromas and love has strongly awoken my creative juices and I am dying to get back to work!

With spring coming along with it`s bright sunshine ; I cant wait to get to a new start as soon as I get back from Cyprus..

With the help of:

Some fabulous fabric I got in Jordan..


Some beautiful local traditional pieces of needle-work..


Some amazing “Faux”-leather I got here..


Tons of  plastic bags that Ive collected from which I`ve started creating a collection of colorful articles..inspired by my friend Cristen,look what this amazing girl is up to now!




and some new additional guidance from a book I`ve been dying to read,and when I recently read about it again in an excellent inspiring  post that Jena from modishbiztips wrote,I finally ran to buy it!

A new Eart /Eckhart Tolle

Looks like it`s gonna be a vibrant colorful spring-summer collection..can`t wait to get back and get to it..!

See y`all when I get back..!


6 Responses to “Back to work..”

  1. Have a safe trip!


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Grazie Simona! Havent had the chance to “visit” you or anyone yet..will drop by when I get back! Lots of love XXX 🙂


  3. Lovely, colorful fabric. I look forward to see what you’ll make with them.


  4. kahliyalogue Says:

    Sagol Nihal! Im also very excited to get back to it now.. 🙂


  5. beautiful fabrics!!!


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