Well..this is completely unofficial..I dont even have  any photos taken as I am exhausted..but I felt the need to inform you folks..that Cyprus is indeed another Beeeeeautful pearl in the Mediteranean..Warm in weather and in people..and once again ..the food..Amazing..! Funny enough every time I take off to these spots,I am told I will not have anything to eat,given my limitations(Vegan)..and once again Ive got to tell you that I havent eaten so much and so well in a long time! All that without any special requests or many lovely local dishes that are so healthy fulfilling and absolutely Marvelous! First thing I tried as soon as I landed was some local Tahin and salad,and you know what? I actually had  3 dishes of Tahin! It was the best tahin I have ever had..and believe me,I am the Tahin queen! 🙂 I am a Tahin addict and have tried them all (almost)..

Tahin is a paste made of Sesame seeds,I have briefly written about before.Cant remember where now,did I mention Im exhausted? 🙂 Wow wouldnt it be nice if I would take off from here as a food/travelogue on the go..hmmmm.ok ok landing..where was I ..

Yes.I will have the honor of posting a more serious official post about this magical paste(loaded with Iron and other wonders..) that becomes a dip,as soon as I come back..because,as I complimented the chef and asked for the name of the brand,he promised to send me home with a huge container and his get ready! Yes yes of course Ill share some with you..  🙂

See you later Aligator..

This lady needs her beauty sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzz


2 Responses to “Pause..”

  1. Merhaba Mia, Woww you’ve been all over in the last few weeks. Jordan, Cyprus…what’s next? 🙂 Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time there, the food and everything else. Can’t wait for your tahini post. I hope you’re resting well. Take care.


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Merhaba Nihal! Yes..I just got back yesterday from Cyprus..and im was marvelous! No complaining though..Im always up for travelling! Glad to hear from you again..I missed you! Sende kenden iyi bak! Optum!


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