There is another way!

…”and when I cry I cry for both of us,my pain has no name..there must be another way..”

Singers Noa and Mira Awad represent Israel tonight on the Eurovision song contest,regardless if they win the actual my eyes they have already WON! They won over the pessimism,the anger ,the resentment and the fear,they won with the most powerful weapon,with the power of LOVE.

The same power that does not neglect  nor deny the pain and the damages done,but opens a gate to change an ongoing destructive pattern,that knows not anymore how to stop.A change fueled by courage and not by fear,the courage to open one`s heart even to who has done you wrong;the courage to accept the other,as he has the right to be here just like you..and if you look closely enough you will see..that he is actually not that different than you as you thought..and hey..he might even add more  color to your life,living his life next to you,you might even have some things to exchange..

Unfortunately it is not our current political leaders who have the courage to lead us to the light,but if you ask me,I would vote for these two ladies as our ambassadresses anyday!I hope with all my heart that their bold honest open hearts and strong will for change will deliver a message of hope;inspire and influence to stop, think and change the very least I sincerely wish they are able to convey the fact that they represent a voice of many who do not have the chance to be heard,trapped in the workings of larger groups and their leaders…like myself..! 🙂

This is not the first time they collaborate together,I have written about them before  as they began this journey of delivering a message of light .I am delighted to see them continue,I feel ever so inspired,empowered,grateful and for the first time in a long long time..full of hope!


I believe that each and every small gesture of kindness and openness to one another,removes a brick from this huge wall that divides between us,making way to a ray of light,creating the path…to that ”other way” …


4 Responses to “There is another way!”

  1. Mia, we should applaud them for showing courage, an open mind and an open heart. Unfortunately, political leaders in most places are the ones who are hindering progress (for various issues). It’s all about politics and not about their country or their people. Mostly about self interest. It’s sad, but it’s true all over the world.


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    I totally agree Nihal! Unfortunately many people do not realise this,and are still heavily influenced by what they are led to believe,painting a whole nation/religion or country in one color,unable to see each and every individual as unique.
    I only wish for people to stay openminded upon meeting an “other” enough to see who he or she really is,before judging in such generalising blindness..


  3. Let’s concentrate on the miracle of their presence and how they willl inspire more and more of us

    Blessings of light

    Anges de Lumiere


  4. YES! May they and many more like them grow and grow ~ ~ showing us the way to the light* ! 😀


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