Apple Semolina bake

 Apple -Semolina bake/Kahliyalogue

Once again Im in the mood for something pampering and sweet.The weather is warmer,and I`d like a  naturally mild sweet  refreshing snack .So I set my sights again on finding a sollution for something health friendly yet soul soothing..and I found it!

Back in the days when I used to prepare Natural baked goods and delicacies for a living,one of my popular cakes was an Apple coffee cake,topped with Apple slices in Cinnamon.It was a real hit.In those days although I would use whole wheat flour,I still used eggs and did not really economise on the use of sugar or oil even if they were the healthier kinds.

This time,I felt like using the basic idea but exploring a lighter version,without eggs,using very little oil,Coconut oil in this case,aswell as very little Brown Sugar,though I would of even preferred to use Jaggery(which I wrote about here)I just didnt happen to have any at the moment.For the base I used Semolina instead of flour,turning it into a mold since semolina tends to just stick together ,so the Apples and Cinnamon create the flavor and the moisture.

Semolina cake is a very typical traditional cake in many Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cultures slightly varying in preparation and usually very rich ,and quite delicious.I guess these cakes like “Basboussa” for example are another origin of inspiration here,though obviously the outcome is something much lighter.

You are welcome to regard this as a base adding more oil/sugar if you please,I just wanted to see how little I actually need to make it satisfyingly tasty and healthy,while at the same time it is very possible to actually totally delete the use of sugar and oil if you wish.For me personally the flavor of the Apples and cinnamon was refreshingly pleasing.


Apple Semolina bake/Kahliyalogue

Since this bake is quite dense ,I used a small baking dish of 12cm x 16 cm,and cut small square servings.


For topping:

1 large Apple


Brown Sugar

For base:

1 cup Semolina(1.5)approx.

1 tbs Coconut oil + 1 tsp(for oiling the dish)


Brown sugar

1 cup(approx) boiled water

1 cup (approx)Soy milk

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Peel Apple,cut in quarters,then slice medium thin slices

mix in a bowl with some sprinkled cinnamon,and brown sugar(I used about 1-1.5 tbs)

Mix together ,then neatly place in an oven dish,slightly oiled with coconut oil(or any other)

Keep in mind that the end result is served reversing the dish,so place the slices with their wider side facing down.


In a frying pan put coconut oil,and as it heats up pour in 1 cup of Semolina,sprinkle some Cinnamon and quickly toss around the semolina allowing it to toast slightly as the grains get covered with the oil.

This is a very short process as you should not allow it to burn,lower heat and pour in about 1 cup boiled water mixed with a bit of brown sugar( I used 1-1.5 tbs),mix thoroughly and quickly as the blend insatntly becomes lumpy,keep mixing while you add another 1 cup of Soy milk,making sure you maintain a smooth blend.Your end result should be a moist thick blend which you then pour over the arranged Apple slices,flattening the top surface.

Bake in a preheated oven 200 for 20-30 min.

Beware of the top drying out,when it does sprinkle some boiled water,allowing the cake to retain its moisture and continue to bake covered.

Remove from oven,with a sharp knife cut through the inner sides of the dish,place a dish over its top,hold firmly and quickly reverse the bake onto the plate.

You may then sprinkle some more Cinnamon to decorate,slice and serve!


10 Responses to “Apple Semolina bake”

  1. This looks very nice, Mia. I have a some semolina in the cupboard that I bought for a project a while ago and your recipe is a great suggestion.


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Grazie Simona!Hope you like it..I forgot to mention it can be served warm or cool whichever you prefer.. 🙂


  3. Mia, I am very much into sweets made with semolina. The apple is an interesting and unique addition to the dessert. Looks great!


  4. a wonderful idea to use semolina, I love it!


  5. bonjour Mia,
    Si simple et si bon , la tarte aux pommes et cannelle sorry cinnamon avec une boule de glace caramel beurre salé un vrai régal.


  6. Kelly Crawford Says:

    Wow! Thanks for this Apple Semolina bake recipe. I, for sure, will try it this weekend. Been craving for it in a while now. Thanks! Oh, by the way, it’s good that you used coconut oil. I’m a big fan of it, too! I use it whenever I cook. I got mine from It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth all the benefits, I guess.


    • Wonderful kelly! Youre welcome! This version is ofcourse much milder in sweetness than the traditional eastern semolina cakes..though you can always add sweetness if you wish..enjoy! 🙂


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