Potato Zuchini salad


Potato-Zuchini salad/Kahliya-logue

Heavy heat prevails again in our region leading us to tag along like battered mosquitos,making the mere idea of a wholesome cooked meal quite difficult to digest..sollution? Salads!

Be it sauted;chopped;tossed;pureed ;mixed and mingled..just as long as its nice, cool and light!

So,I came up with what will probably be just a beginning of a long line of  experimental toss and turn adventures this long summer season(NOT complaining-I love the summer! 🙂 ).

Nothing very fancy but definitely does the trick,as it is very tasty,cool and light,not to mention healthy all the same!

Note:In the seasoning I have used Sumac which I have brought back with me from my trip to Jordan.we have it here too but it is very difficult to find a freshly ground pure Sumac.It is only when it is very fresh that you can enjoy that lovely flavour which is a blend of tanginess with what I personally find as a “Tomatoey” flavor.It has to be a vibrant Burgundy-Reddish color and when it ages it turns into a darker dull brown.Some Spice dealers mix it with Lemon salt to revive the lemony taste as they keep it on the shelf longer.Sometimes it can easily be detected as you can see the small white specks.I absolutely Love Sumac.It has a beautiful decorative aspect with its unique color as you sprinkle it on food,and that special delicate nuance of a flavour is just magnificent especially on salads in the summer.


a few Potatoes (cooked and cooled)(I keep the skin on,but peeled if you prefer)-chopped

1-2 Zuchini sliced and sauted lightly in Olive oil

1 Tomato-chopped

1 Red Bell pepper-chopped

Black Olives

Fresh Champignon mushrooms chopped coarsely

1 medium sized ripe Avocado cut into chunks

Olive oil

freshly squeezed Lemon

dried Thyme

dried Sage


Salt /pepper

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chop Potatoes,Tomato,Bell pepper and Mushrooms and place in a bowl,and mix.

Add sauted Zuchinis,Olives and Chopped or sliced) Avocado

Sprinkle Olive oil,freshly squeezed Lemon and spices and delicately toss the salad and serve.

*I like to sprinkle the Sumac at the end for a decorative touch.



10 Responses to “Potato Zuchini salad”

  1. I have never had sumac and you got me really curious. Enjoy your refreshing salad. I also like to eat potatoes in their skin.


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Grazie Simona! It is definitely a treat if you can find it,if not I have seen it being sold online aswell.


  2. Hi Mia, this salad sounds so refreshing and light. Perfect for the summer! Very creative. I will try it sometime this summer. I also love summer 🙂 Thanks for sharing.



  3. kahliyalogue Says:

    Thanx Nihal! Happy Summer! 🙂


  4. A beautiful idea which recipe will delight me and I love … thank you for your nice message on my blog and I wish you a beautiful evening full of happiness … see you soon


  5. I wanted to make this salad tonight; I bought all the ingredients except the red bell pepper! So, I put it off, because I want to follow your exact directions.


  6. kahliyalogue Says:

    Wow,thats so nice to hear!You could of done it anyway..you know I just improvised myself.I think the main thing was the sauteed zuchini and potatoes and then some fresh veggies to add crunch and color!
    Do you know the Sumac?Do you have some?


  7. True, but red bell pepper sounded too good not to add it. Maybe this weekend I’ll make it. I love sumac and always have it on hand! 🙂


  8. kahliyalogue Says:

    oh thats great! I didnt know it can be found in the states..I was already trying to figure out how to send you some..! 🙂


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