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Another step on the path..

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*oops seems the photo slide is not working..will modify asap ūüôā

Once again my journey has led me to explore another culture..and I am fascinated..!

A new language;new food;a new beauty! I love it!

Though I must admit,it is not as new as all that.I have mentioned before my Greek origins,and being in Cyprus has reconnected me with many familiarities which have made me feel very much at home.It is also very nice to see how many dishes and customs are common to many countries of the region,differing slightly while each country adds its own special touch.

I know I have been a bit stingy in my collection of images I am currently sharing with you,as I have seen and experienced so much more..but I preffered to absorb and savour my experiences fully,as they were very rich indeed,without the disturbance of stopping to document them.I was also on a very tight schedule as I was there with a project in mind to see if I can implement in the near future..

All in all it was a very intense and powerful experience,inwhich I have met many wonderful people and may have planted a seed towards a dream to come true..time will tell if this will actually be my next step on my path..

Meantime,its back to work… ūüôā

Note:for those who have not read about my former visit to Cyprus,not long ago,check here.


Off to see the Wizard..

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Dried yellow flower/kahliya-logue

Hey Guys!

I admit it`s been slow around here lately..well slow in terms of cooking. Truth be told I`ve hardly seen the kitchen lately,even though there are tons of things I`d like to share..but that part is a bit on hold at the moment.

Otherwise,actually it`s been very busy..those who have already understood,I am in a bit of a transitional period this last year,and wasn`t quite clear about where I was headed,though I tried to continue my creative work ,there were so many things I wanted to develop that just had to wait.

I feel I am hopefully finally on to something/somewhere and trying to check things out to make it happen.I`ll be taking off again next week to do exactly that!Hopefully I will return with some happy news,and maybe finally I can throw my anchor into a small piece of this earth to create the mini universe I so dream of.

Wish me luck,because if it does happen,I will have so many new delightful things to share with you all ! ūüôā


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                               *Part of President Obama`s speach in Cairo

Every once and a while our earth is graced by the footsteps of a great human being walking it, attempting to guide us to the light.

I am not one for Politics,merely because the people involved are normally acting under false pretext of care and concern for no matter which ”people”.But finally out of nowhere,and definitely at a huge moment of need and despair,appears a man,President Barack Obama,¬†who,to my humble opinion is acting upon pure and honest belief that there is a respectful place for us¬†ALL on this earth,living side by side,peacefully in honor and respect,and in doing so¬†ALL of us can only gain fruits of¬†peace and prosperity.

Is it atlast time for us to let go of the disregarding;banning and harming of the “other”?Can we all finally realise that accepting ”the other” will¬†NOT¬†threaten our own existence?Are we able to face the simple fact that what we¬†ARE doing to others¬†IS ¬†being done to us? Is it time to break this vicious cycle?

It is only when we respect the “other” that we can dignify our own existence and expect the same respect towards ourselves.

I feel honored to live in an era in which this man has spoken,and I am full of hope that we have the courage to open our eyes,hearts and minds to words of wisdom,and not miss this opportunity,because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!