Off to see the Wizard..

Dried yellow flower/kahliya-logue

Hey Guys!

I admit it`s been slow around here lately..well slow in terms of cooking. Truth be told I`ve hardly seen the kitchen lately,even though there are tons of things I`d like to share..but that part is a bit on hold at the moment.

Otherwise,actually it`s been very busy..those who have already understood,I am in a bit of a transitional period this last year,and wasn`t quite clear about where I was headed,though I tried to continue my creative work ,there were so many things I wanted to develop that just had to wait.

I feel I am hopefully finally on to something/somewhere and trying to check things out to make it happen.I`ll be taking off again next week to do exactly that!Hopefully I will return with some happy news,and maybe finally I can throw my anchor into a small piece of this earth to create the mini universe I so dream of.

Wish me luck,because if it does happen,I will have so many new delightful things to share with you all ! 🙂


6 Responses to “Off to see the Wizard..”

  1. Buona fortuna! We’ll wait for good news.


  2. kahliyalogue Says:

    Grazie Simona! I hope.. 🙂


  3. I’ve also been so busy lately with a lot of things I want to do. Good luck for everything. Awaiting the exciting news!


  4. Good luck Mia. Hope everything goes well.


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