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A chapter..

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Hey guys..just got back from yet another lovely trip!

I know I haven`t been around lately,this is a very intense time for me ,trying to gain closure on past chapters of my life;in the midst of building new ideas and dreams,and preparing myself for unclear changes that lay ahead..

I just came back from revisiting Turkey where I have lived for 3 yrs and where the seed of “kahliya” the shop was born..

Kahliya shop in Turkey



As you can see,it was a tiny shop though full of riches like Ali-baba`s cavern,and I loved it very much.With some creativity I had everything I needed,and it was so cozy,people really enjoyed coming by for some tea and chat..

Talk about sustainabilty and making do..

that tiny space became a Rich enchanting Universe

believe me you! 🙂

It was actually created within a building entrance,which was obviously very narrow,and after the first bit went all the way up with stairs.With some help,I filled in a few of those stairs midway with cement to create a platform onwhich I put my sewing machine and small table,and that was my “atelier” !

I have many many memories from this shop as I have from my life in Turkey itself..I`ve learned so much about another country and culture,aswell as about myself! I believe that years from now those experiences will continue to unfold, finding it difficult at the moment  to express all that I withold..

What I find fascinating is the remaining  traditional ways of taking the time for true hospitality,sipping tea..another tempo alltogether.. the abundance of genuine fresh potent fruits,vegetables and herbs, a solid base of their nutrition,the ongoing traditions of handcraft,the creative sustainable sollutions as an obvious part of daily life.

All these symbolise a closer connection , and appreciation of the Earth,a knowing of its ways that gets lost once life becomes too complex..

This visit was a nice reminder as I hope to carry on my path using what I have learned from this knowledge..

Along with this ‘baggage’ I am saddled with,I collected some of my fabrics I left behind,My shop`s handcrafted SIGN,which I hope to hang soon on ”Kahliya`s” next venture,

sign 002

and….an oldtime dream-I got myself a SAZ or Baglama,

An East mediterranean string instrument,as I felt a deep connection to the music played with it,and hope to find my way to learn..!

A Favorite of mine who plays it very well and sings is Musa Eroglu


As I look back upon these images,followed by the memories of my path,

I cant help but think about how this could be my personal version of  the ‘travelling craftsman’!


Just a thought in the meantime

as for my inner concepts are only known to me.

Though I shall say this,

The Global community is always on my mind

and to Mother Earth I will always be kind..