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A day of Atonement/Inner Attunement

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Hatima Tova 09-Kahliya


Today is the Eve of  YOM KIPPUR, a very important day in the Jewish Religion,I have written about last year aswell.

This day ends a period of 10 days following the New Year,dedicated to inner reflection and repentance for our sins,asking forgiveness from fellow human beings and from God.This tenth day is emphasised by a 25hr fast, after which it is believed that our ”verdict” is sealed ,therefore the birth of the blessing ” Hatima Tova” to one another,meaning “may you be blessed with a good sealing/verdict”.

As I have stated before,I am not a religious person,nor is my family.But my parents do fast,its just one of those traditional symbols they do take seriously.I remember growing up,not understanding what all the fuss was about,mostly annoyed by the sudden “halt” of activity,disturbed by the quiet,leaving a heavy ”cloud” in the air.I amused myself by slowly sneaking food from the fridge when no one noticed.It is my mother who is more sensitive to tradition,who did not take kindly to my mischief.

I later went on my path turning my back to these restrictions,enjoying with friends  a rebellious atmosphere of  get-togethers inwhich we ate and watched movies..

It was only along my personal journey inwhich I have travelled,explored other cultures and spiritual beliefs that I have come to understand the importance of  ” stopping all activity” for the purpose of inner attunement and reflection,in order to see clearer what may be wrong,make amends and better our ways.

Today I still choose not to fast,though I have full respect for those who do.A respect I learned to obtain after living among Muslim people in Turkey who fast during the Ramadan.

 I do choose to dedicate  this Symbolic day for inner reflection and attunement,a pause that is reccomended to be done more than once a year,but I believe in it`s significance once rooted in a society`s ritual in form of an assigned day.

There is also something to be said about tradition,as I remember my mother`s efforts in preparing a special meal before the onset of the fast ,and as the hour of breaking the fast slowly approached,there was a special decorated table,onwhich she slowly added small fine treats to be savoured once the sign was given.

This year,my personal attempt of redemption in relation to my mother was to escort her to the neighborhood synagogue to attend the prayers of the beginning of Kippur.It became a special gift to me aswell,an act of bonding,to my mother,my ancestors and my roots.

As a person who has preached all my life of Respecting the “other”,of Peace and Harmony among all Human beings,I believe I have just completed the missing link enabling me to “Walk what I Preach” ,and that is to reach an inner peace aswell as a respect for my own roots

regardless of how I choose to translate them into my own life…


“Derech” /Path- Mosh ben Ari


Shana Tova (2009)!

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Shana Tova from Kahliya (09)

Today is the eve of ”Rosh Hashana“- The Jewish New Year.Interesting enough it is also the first day of the ”Yamim Hanoraim” the ten days dedicated to repentance leading to the final most important day of Yom Kippur-The day of attonement in which it is believed that the judgement for our sins is decided upon from above for the next coming year.A period of 25 hr fasting and intensive prayer.

The reason I find it interesting is because it seems to be very close in timing and in essence to the Ramadan,the important holiday in the Muslim Religion that is coming to its end tommorow.

While I have full respect for each Religion and it`s uniqueness,I cannot overlook the  similarity in many of the basic principles between the various Religions. As I have mentioned before,it is learning about the similarities between cultures that aids our understanding of the other,while respecting the added differences that contributes to that colorful diversity that makes this world so interesting!

I am not a religious person but I am spiritual,and can connect with this essence of a closing of the old that is no more beneficial,re-assessing,and blessing the new to come.

I wish to bless all of you regardless of Religion,


 A release of old blockages; angers;  frustration and pain,

 opening the way towards NEW  Trust, Light  &  Joy!


I would like to share with you a poem of Pablo Neruda,wishing us all to take a good inner look and see whether we can Live our Lives more Fully..


Muere Lentemente / Dies Slowly

“Dies slowly he who transforms himself in slave of habit,

repeating everyday the same itineraries,

who does not change brand,

does not risk to wear a new color and doesnt talk to whom doesnt know.

Dies slowly he who makes of television his guru.

Dies slowly he who avoids a passion,

who prefers black to white

and the dots on the “I” to a whirpool of emotion,

just those ones that recover the gleam from the eyes,

smiles from the yawns,

hearts from the stumblings and feelings.

Dies slowly he who does not overthrow the table

when is not happy at work,

who does not risk the certain for the uncertain

to go toward that dream that is keeping him awake.

Who does not allow atleast one time in life,to flee from sensate advices.

Dies slowly he who does not travel,who does not read,

does not listen to music,who does not find grace in himself.

Dies slowly he who destroys his self love,

who does not accept somebody`s help.

Dies slowly he who passes his days complaining of his bad luck or the incessant rain.

Dies slowly he who abandons a project before starting  it,

who does not ask over a subject that does not know

or does not answer when being asked about something he knows.

Dies slowly he who does not share his emotions,joys,and sadness,

who does not trust ,who does not even try.

Dies slowly he who does not relive his memories

and continues getting emotional as if living them at that moment.

Dies slowly he who does not intent excelling,

who does not learn from the stones of the road of life,

who does not love and let somebody love.


Let`s avoid death in soft quotes,

remembering always that to be alive demands an effort much bigger

than the simple fact of breathing.”


Also I cannot part without reconnecting once again with the wonderful positive energy of

Mosh Ben Ari with his song Salaam/Od yavo shalom Aleinu


World peace Diet

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 Unfortunately I have not heard about Dr will Tuttle  till recently,but I am so glad I finally did!

I find his work very inspiring,and his ideas ,at the very least ,worth a moment of thought or two..

To me personally His words carry a lot of logic,and  I am always happy to encounter people who dedicate their lives to try and make this world a better place for EVERYONE!

For those interested in the book or details and activities of the organisation :




Happy Ramadan

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ramadan 09

Once again it is the time of Ramadan,and I am a bit late as I was travelling and the Ramadan has begun the 21.August.and continues till 19.Sept.

Ramadan is a very important Holiday amongst the Muslim Religion,I have written about  it last year aswell.

It is a special time of contemplation in which it`s followers fast during the day,from dawn till sunset.A time for purification enabling inner reflection and a deeper connection with God,expressing regret for prior sins aswell as seeking further guidance.

I would like to express my very warm blessings to those celebrating this meaningful holiday.

Ramadan Mubarak.

My Paris..

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What can I say..? Yes,I am definitely on what seems to be quite a roll of travelling..but then again,to me its not exactly I have mentioned before,it`s about tying loose ends,reconnecting with different parts of strange as this may seem to you,If there is one thing that is obvious to me by now,it`s that there is undeniably a part of me left in these places on my journey,as there is a part of these places left in my heart as I carry on..and I guess part of reaching peace from this ”tour” is reaching peace with that fact.I will never be able to live in ”one” of these places,but I will be forever connected,and I can look forward to finding a way to continue to connect..

Another lovely lesson I can retrieve from these voyages is that although I have met many many people on my way,Real friends remain Real friends,and how delightful a surprise to discover them right by your side,as if you have never actually physically left ,after yrs of separation..True friendship transcends the tests of time and distance,and I am tremendously grateful!

There is so much I would like to share with you about the Paris that I know,spots ,neighborhoods,odors and colors,many of which are not included in the classic presentations of this famous city.Unfortunately my time was very short,and this specific trip was all about collecting my belongings and catching up with parts of me left behind.I have a feeling I will still be able to return to you one day with a colorful portrait of “my Paris”..

I actually spent the first few days in Langeais,near Tours at my friends mother`s house,where my things were stocked.This city is known for it`s castle as part of the castles in the Loire valley.Believe me or not,I wasnt even able to properly visit the castle,apart from a brief look on the outside,which I didnt even get you guys a photo,shame on me..! 🙂

But,this house as the whole of the area stands among some of the most beautiful pieces of nature I have ever seen,and experienced!It was like a brief visit in Paradise! I can only try and wonder what it can be to to live within this nature in daily life!


After my stay in Langeais,I took the train back to Paris..and I managed to collect a few brief moments all the same..



Ahhhh…oh well..Aurevoir PARIS…till next time…

Meantime I will not part before leaving you with a sweet gift…no not was a bit difficult technically..but close..

Another favorite singer of mine,I discovered while living in Paris,is TERI MOISE,and here is a clip of hers singing ”je serai la” =” I will be here”        ENJOY!