My Paris..

What can I say..? Yes,I am definitely on what seems to be quite a roll of travelling..but then again,to me its not exactly I have mentioned before,it`s about tying loose ends,reconnecting with different parts of strange as this may seem to you,If there is one thing that is obvious to me by now,it`s that there is undeniably a part of me left in these places on my journey,as there is a part of these places left in my heart as I carry on..and I guess part of reaching peace from this ”tour” is reaching peace with that fact.I will never be able to live in ”one” of these places,but I will be forever connected,and I can look forward to finding a way to continue to connect..

Another lovely lesson I can retrieve from these voyages is that although I have met many many people on my way,Real friends remain Real friends,and how delightful a surprise to discover them right by your side,as if you have never actually physically left ,after yrs of separation..True friendship transcends the tests of time and distance,and I am tremendously grateful!

There is so much I would like to share with you about the Paris that I know,spots ,neighborhoods,odors and colors,many of which are not included in the classic presentations of this famous city.Unfortunately my time was very short,and this specific trip was all about collecting my belongings and catching up with parts of me left behind.I have a feeling I will still be able to return to you one day with a colorful portrait of “my Paris”..

I actually spent the first few days in Langeais,near Tours at my friends mother`s house,where my things were stocked.Thisย city is known for it`s castle as part of the castles in the Loire valley.Believe me or not,I wasnt even able to properly visit the castle,apart from a brief look on the outside,which I didnt even get you guys a photo,shame on me..! ๐Ÿ™‚

But,this house as the whole of the area stands among some of the most beautiful pieces of nature I have ever seen,and experienced!It was like a brief visit in Paradise! I can only try and wonder what it can be to to live within this nature in daily life!


After my stay in Langeais,I took the train back to Paris..and I managed to collect a few brief moments all the same..



Ahhhh…oh well..Aurevoir PARIS…till next time…

Meantime I will not part before leaving you with a sweet gift…no not was a bit difficult technically..but close..

Another favorite singer of mine,I discovered while living in Paris,is TERI MOISE,and here is a clip of hers singing ”je serai la” =” I will be here”ย ย ย ย ย  ย  ENJOY!


14 Responses to “My Paris..”

  1. Wonderful photos and great presentation.Thanks.Gelia.

  2. Great photos, Mia! I like both slide shows. It sounds like you are on a very important journey. I am with you on the topic of real friends and what a precious gift they are in our life.

  3. kahliyalogue Says:

    Grazie Simona! Yes I am on an important I guess I will be able to explain more about a bit later on….and yes..definitely precious rare pearls to be ever appreciated..! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Mia, how wonderful to be traveling! And such beautiful places too. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

  5. kahliyalogue Says:

    Thanx Vaishali! Im so glad you enjoy them.Yes is so wonderful ..I could probably do this forever..hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess i just have the soul of a gypsy or something..:)

  6. I can so relate to what you are saying about reconnection. I’ve been going through that ‘phase’ lately (well from time to time!). I went back to London and Dundee, Scotland (that I left 2 years ago) last month and I felt the same – I could not live again maybe but I feel so connected to these places. I met a few friends and I realised how much I’ve changed but how much I’m still the same.
    It’s a strange feeling but a nice one. The more I move from country to country, the more I feel I could never belong to any of them. I couldn’t belong to my own country forever (unless I was forced to!). I guess it’s this moving around that keeps me centered.

    Nice photos btw!

  7. kahliyalogue Says:

    Hi Lovely!
    Oh WOW..!
    It`s so nice to resonate with people going through similar experiences and resolutions..its great to hear your version of something so familiar! I was feeling so isolated and ”weird” trying to figure this out.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Its funny ..but I cant help but wonder-if theres a point where we are supposed to feel that connection,settle down and ”belong”?
    I cant say I dont need or miss that feeling..but I tend to feel there are people who ”belong” to a ”mission” rather than to a place..? ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Yes, now that you say it, this is how I feel. I belong to a mission, a purpose. Wherever I am, it doesn’t matter. I feel I am here for growth and experience.

    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Lovely..lovelie.. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I also loved your words “moving around keeps me centered..”
      Having said that..I wonder if there isnt a certain moment where there is a need to plant an anchor/a seed into a certain “ground” to finally fully ”connect” and develop an aspect of that mission within a certain community..Just a thought..I am myself just wondering..:)
      Thank you so much for your input..
      p.s makes me think of my post on travelling:

      • Yes I’m starting to feel the need to be rooted somewhere but still move around. I know what you mean. At some point I think we need to have some stability to achieve something then move on to the next… I am still in search of my purpose, I think I have an idea.

      • kahliyalogue Says:

        Good Luck then..! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Mia, great slide show. You showed us part of Paris many tourists do not see. Isn’t it great that you still had your friends when you returned to Paris after so many years? That’s how real friendships should be.

    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Hi Nihal,thank you very much!
      I totally agree with you..with time one learns to appreciate the essential essence of a friendship,which trancends the details of everyday life we are normally used to examine.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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