A day of Atonement/Inner Attunement

Hatima Tova 09-Kahliya


Today is the Eve of  YOM KIPPUR, a very important day in the Jewish Religion,I have written about last year aswell.

This day ends a period of 10 days following the New Year,dedicated to inner reflection and repentance for our sins,asking forgiveness from fellow human beings and from God.This tenth day is emphasised by a 25hr fast, after which it is believed that our ”verdict” is sealed ,therefore the birth of the blessing ” Hatima Tova” to one another,meaning “may you be blessed with a good sealing/verdict”.

As I have stated before,I am not a religious person,nor is my family.But my parents do fast,its just one of those traditional symbols they do take seriously.I remember growing up,not understanding what all the fuss was about,mostly annoyed by the sudden “halt” of activity,disturbed by the quiet,leaving a heavy ”cloud” in the air.I amused myself by slowly sneaking food from the fridge when no one noticed.It is my mother who is more sensitive to tradition,who did not take kindly to my mischief.

I later went on my path turning my back to these restrictions,enjoying with friends  a rebellious atmosphere of  get-togethers inwhich we ate and watched movies..

It was only along my personal journey inwhich I have travelled,explored other cultures and spiritual beliefs that I have come to understand the importance of  ” stopping all activity” for the purpose of inner attunement and reflection,in order to see clearer what may be wrong,make amends and better our ways.

Today I still choose not to fast,though I have full respect for those who do.A respect I learned to obtain after living among Muslim people in Turkey who fast during the Ramadan.

 I do choose to dedicate  this Symbolic day for inner reflection and attunement,a pause that is reccomended to be done more than once a year,but I believe in it`s significance once rooted in a society`s ritual in form of an assigned day.

There is also something to be said about tradition,as I remember my mother`s efforts in preparing a special meal before the onset of the fast ,and as the hour of breaking the fast slowly approached,there was a special decorated table,onwhich she slowly added small fine treats to be savoured once the sign was given.

This year,my personal attempt of redemption in relation to my mother was to escort her to the neighborhood synagogue to attend the prayers of the beginning of Kippur.It became a special gift to me aswell,an act of bonding,to my mother,my ancestors and my roots.

As a person who has preached all my life of Respecting the “other”,of Peace and Harmony among all Human beings,I believe I have just completed the missing link enabling me to “Walk what I Preach” ,and that is to reach an inner peace aswell as a respect for my own roots

regardless of how I choose to translate them into my own life…


“Derech” /Path- Mosh ben Ari


8 Responses to “A day of Atonement/Inner Attunement”

  1. I like what you say in this sentence: the importance of ”stopping all activity” for the purpose of inner attunement and reflection, in order to see clearer what may be wrong, make amends and better our ways. It is important to do this every now and then.


  2. hi Miale
    I have always been impressed by the hours preceding the fast of yom kippour.there a special silence filling the air,a kind of expectation that you can feel almost physically,youcan hardly breathe because something momentous is going to happen.And then the following day, at the “neila” prayer there is an explosion of relief,of common enthusiasm,the end of the doomsday, the aim of that special day has been reached.
    hag souccoth sameah
    bises Lynn


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Salut Lynn!
      What a beautiful description.Thank you so much for sharing your personal emotional experience!I am so touched that you did.
      Hag sameach ma cherie,gros bisoux. 🙂


  3. This was a nice post. I liked what you said “I believe I have just completed the missing link enabling me to “Walk what I Preach””. It’s true that knowing s not enough, we have to live and experience the knowledge. And I love the song.


  4. Mia,
    It was so nice to read this post …we need these self cleansing ways so that our soul can be pure,pure from all sorts of negativities ..and preaching is so easy ,doing is difficult …The moment we start doing we have completed the missing link there …
    hugs and smiles


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Thank you Jaya!

      I am so pleased you enjoyed it.
      I do so agree my dear Jaya.it is just so “unbearibly easy” to continue to flow with life ,constantly exposed
      to the polluting influences of negative energies.The moment we allow ourselves a break for reflection,we open ourselves to better our ways,our thoughts and our destinies.. 🙂


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