Hey guys!

I just realised “kahliya-logue” has just swept past it`s first birthday by about a month..


 birthday kahliyalogue 09


It has grown as such an inseparable part of me that I havent looked back for one minute..

Ive been enjoying my time here with all of you so much..and I hope you have too..!

As I have mentioned already here and there..its been a transformational year.A year of  reconnecting to roots,reflecting,healing and visioning.

I believe this important period of my life is coming to an end and making room for resolutions,decisions and actions.

I am these days in the midst of  building an important humanitarian project,a longtime dream which I have finally decided to implement,and I am very excited.Hopefully,if all goes well,I will be able to inform you shortly about this project,which will have its own site and blog,and I hope to see you there aswell!

My creative work with Kahliya has taken the back burner all this time as I had a lot going on,but Kahliya and its blog is an important part of me which I wish to continue to develop and hope to find the way to do the both.

Funny enough it is also soon my own birthday..and this makes me feel as if everything is coming to a symbolic point of “birth”.

To wrap up this whole chapter just before I begin a new one,I will be away on a very important voyage of roots..

Once again I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have visited me here and left your insights.With your warmth,generosity and wisdom I have been nourished,inspired and able to grow.


I am looking forward to continuing our fruitful exchanges.

I wish you all blessings of light*

I love you all!

Mia 🙂


8 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. congratulations ! wish to see Kahliya-logue grow more :)..keep it up doing good work ..
    hugs and smiles


  2. Happy Bloganniversary! For one minute while reading the end of this post, I thought you were saying goodbye! I’m relieved that you are still going to be around. 🙂


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Thank you my dear lovelie!
      Yes I will definitely still be around though it might not have seen like that lately..!Back from an amazing trip..and still not completely ”with it”..
      Its so nice to be appreciated,thank you so much..! 🙂


  3. Congratulations! And apology for the late comment: I was traveling during the past 2 weeks. I am looking forward to hearing more about your project.


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Grazie Simona!

      Likewise..have also been travelling again..and not been able to catch up..images and notes pretty soon…!


  4. Mia, happy birthday to your blog! Good luck on your humanitarian project; I hope all is going well.


    • kahliyalogue Says:

      Thank you so much Nihal!
      Things are coming together and Im very excited..but it has kept me from writing here..very soon I will be able to share with you all..! 🙂


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