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Happy New Year 2010!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on 27,December,2009 by Mia

Old makes room for new..

That which seems to have been broken

has shed itself only to reveal the token

the pure,the essential..

A moment of  stillness

directs us to our true purpose

towards which we continue

Galloping night and day

trying not to go astray.

Hopes ,dreams may take a shift

for the sole purpose

of our souls to uplift.

Expectations ,deceptions

may accompany

but alas

at the end of the day

it is within

that we are to find our Harmony.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My sincere wishes

for us all to make yet one more tiny step

towards our HAPPINESS

Much Love to you all,


*Update: I just had to add something to help us get into that inner Harmony..

Stephan Micus with midnight sea..enjoy! Ommmmmm 🙂