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You may say Im a dreamer..

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Im so excited..I cant believe I can finally begin to explain why Ive been so absent here on my blog,other blogs,my creative work etc..

Ive been working around the clock to try and put together a long awaited dream,a project for Peace.

Yes..You CAN say Im a dreamer and for a large part of my life,I have not believed I could really put my dream into reality..remember I talked about dreams a while back?

But here it is Im ready! And tommorow all this preparatory work has reached its FIRST stepping stone.I will finally be applying to register a Non-Profit Org. to enable this project!

So,since I am just applying and will know if Ive recieved authorisation only in a few weeks,I think I might not “jinx” it by starting to tell you here and now what its all about..

Can you bear with me another few weeks?

And can you possibly please wish me luck? 🙂

Oh,and bythway,you are so very much invited to dream along with me ~ ~ ~ ~ 🙂

Love & Peace to you All!

*Update: The signing important moment..hopefully the beginning of good things yet to come..