You may say Im a dreamer..


Im so excited..I cant believe I can finally begin to explain why Ive been so absent here on my blog,other blogs,my creative work etc..

Ive been working around the clock to try and put together a long awaited dream,a project for Peace.

Yes..You CAN say Im a dreamer and for a large part of my life,I have not believed I could really put my dream into reality..remember I talked about dreams a while back?

But here it is Im ready! And tommorow all this preparatory work has reached its FIRST stepping stone.I will finally be applying to registerΒ a Non-Profit Org. to enable this project!

So,since I am just applying and will know if Ive recieved authorisation only in a few weeks,I think I might not “jinx” it by starting to tell you here and now what its all about..

Can you bear with me another few weeks?

And can you possibly please wish me luck? πŸ™‚

Oh,and bythway,you are so very much invited to dream along with me ~ ~ ~ ~ πŸ™‚

Love & Peace to you All!

*Update: The signing important moment..hopefully the beginning of good things yet to come..


22 Responses to “You may say Im a dreamer..”

  1. Mia fel Meya!
    I look forward to hear from you when you will be able to dicuss your new project. Knowing you, I am sure it will be great. Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. that’s great, mia! mazal tov…you must be really excited now. i wish you plenty of luck.
    love lea


  3. Buona fortuna, Mia. And also Good Luck! I will wait for additional news on your project.


  4. Good luck Mia! I hope everything goes well.


  5. Dear Mia, the John Lennon video is a beautiful illustration to the wonderful project you are embarking on. I too, am looking forward to reading about it here, hearing about it out there, and seeing it manifest itself in its happy and fun, but most importantly peace creating course. Love, Penelope


  6. you know…I was thinking to my self why is it a sin to be a dreamer??
    dreams are our biggest desires from deep inside!!!
    once you have found a big dream to share and to give for us all then you achieve a big goal !!! it’s a big gift for us.
    I do believe in it ! and it soon will grow in to a big strong tree with many branches…


  7. Toda motek! My dear Odelia,thank you so much for seeing it in such a beautiful way!Your appreciation and belief are great gifts to me..! :)neshikot*


  8. I have never been so proud of you.
    Over the years, I have been dreaming together with you,.
    I commend the tenacity and determination, although the path you chose was not always an easy one.This will let you appreciate the fruits of your hard work. Keep up with the good work, there is a lot of light at the end of your tunnel.
    Always at your side, whatever you thoughts and dreams will take you.
    By the way, you chose a beautiful song and you write like a pro.


  9. Yay! Congrats. Looking forward to updates on your project.


  10. The video is special! Good luck on your endeavor, cannot wait to see what it entails!


    • Welcome Nazarina ,what a lovely name!Thank you very much for your wishes,the details of this project will slowly unfold here and eventually onto its own home platform-it`s own site which will have it`s link here..stay tuned..!


  11. Mia,

    Wish you good luck and may your dream come true .. …love that song
    hugs and smiles


  12. Viviane ( your older cousin from OZ ) Says:

    Dearest Mia ,
    That I should find out about your creative dreams, efforts & results via the Net is amazing & indeed a sign of the times !!!
    Little did I know about your dreams ; and feeling your enthusiasm has gladdened my heart ; & little do you know that my generation has been working on the manifesting of the foundations of that dream for Universal Love & Light & now welcomes you & your generation to see the handywork that we were guided to produce !
    Halleluyah , Glory be to the Source of Love & Light & Life !!!
    I am immensely proud of you & your wonderful skills & creativity @ integrating I.T. , Photography , Music and your Dream which is the Universal Dream .This will also allow others to hear the Call & see the Dream then work towards it ….Much needed Light & Hope in today’s disconnected world .
    Bravo Mia Bella !!!


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