Back to me..

These days Im going through somewhat of a “burn out”..

Ive been trying for quite a while now to build this humanitarian project ,while parallel Ive been working on building a better structure for my own creative work ..There`s been a whole lot of pushing and shoving..I can tell you that much..and it`s currently taking it`s toll on me..

Things have come to a halt,as a small pause is needed..a blessing in disguise you might I have managed to find the greatest solace back  where it all began..for down to earth Handwork,which I have long neglected ,taking care of so many other things and people..a return which allows me to re-appreciate my base,my truth,my inner being.

I am enjoying this beautiful process of creation,holding within it the gifts of patience ,acceptance and perseverence,and am looking forward to see how I will be able to put all these pieces of my puzzle back together again in a  balanced harmony..


6 Responses to “Back to me..”

  1. Viviane L. Says:

    Yes , go with the flow ; Everything in the Universe is based on the principle of Waves , on Earth – Night & Day .
    But now on the Divine level we have entered : ” the Age of the Eternal Day “.
    That refers to Eternal Day in our “Consciousness ” , in our Understanding of the Universe & of being in Tune with the Divine Will .
    You are instinctively on the right tract to be ” expressing Gratitude “.
    I feel very grateful myself that the younger generation is seeing the Light & walking the way of the Spiritual Now & the Future, already & ahead of time of the majority . I will know when it is time for me to take a that little trip & visit my overseas family .
    I am very looking forward to that , there are so many to visit & be re-connected with .It is a Great Blessing to have such a wonderful future occasion to look forward to . Mille Bacci . Vivi


  2. I know the feeling. Working with my hands has helped me in the past, as well. I admire you: I am not at all good at sewing fabric. Nice photos!


  3. Don’t burn out yourself Mia! Keep your beautiful hand work!


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