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Stopping to smell the flowers…

Posted in Uncategorized on 21,September,2010 by Mia

These days I am going through some “stormy weather”
experiences,shaking up my core
undoubtedly designed to shed off some layers
…and reveal a more brilliant me.. ūüôā
Today as I got my lunch at a neighbor sandwich stand
and appreciated the Jasmine flowers ,
the owner had brought from her garden
she slipped them into a paper bag adjoining my sandwich
to brighten up my day..
As they filled up my shop
with a fragrance of Grace,
I pondered upon the small folds
of humble and simple Beauty
just laying there within our daily life experiences
waiting for us to notice..
With all of life`s difficulties,
where do we choose to focus our attention
and energies?
Shall we choose to embrace
the messages of light*
even and more so
when they seem so scarcely
in sight…?

“..It is not the image you would see,nor the sound you would hear,
but rather an image you would see though you close your eyes,
and a song you hear though you close your ears…
Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face
but you are life
and you are the veil..”
Khalil Gibran


Almost there..

Posted in Uncategorized on 4,September,2010 by Mia

WOW…I know its been ages since Ive last updated on my “adventures”..and yet soooo much has been going on..These days I am finally wrapping things up for the upcoming re-opening of my shop “KAHLIYA” in Jaffa, Israel.

Its been a very long journey..and a lovely new one is about to commence.I am feeling quite exhausted, yet excited and proud of being able to reach this point,with many of my efforts and ventures gathering together to celebrate in their new found home.

Kahliya the shop continues to promote it`s initial motives of  promoting soul invested  handcraft within total respect and celebration of all creation,delivering a message of LOVE and actively contributing to relations of PEACE among ALL.

I have chosen the city of Jaffa in Israel in which I also currently live,where I enjoy the rich presence of Jewish,Christian and Muslim people living together ,from which I continue to learn so much!

The shop will present my own handcraft creations aswell as those of Palestinian women with which I work, within the activity of the org.AAKHDA that I have formed.In addition to this there will be a variety of handmade items of different  cultures and  eventually I hope to have small scale activites and workshops take place.

I will be slowly updating Kahliya`s website to show you all the goodies instore aswell as Kahliya`s online shop for those of you who cannot yet come and visit!

Kahliya is surrounded by some lovely people and stories and I am looking forward to sharing all about them here with you on Kahliya-logue.

This moment has been delayed endlessly …but I cant help but reach the conclusion that the Universe has it`s way of choosing the “perfect” timing for everything…!

In a few days will be the Jewish New Year aswell as the festive ending of the Ramadan,what better possible moment for celebrating a new beginning?I have written about these symbolic holidays before here and here.

I wish to bless you all SHANA TOVA  and  EID KARIM ,


May Peace , Love & Light* Brighten your way

in whatever you choose to do!

Much Love,



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Tel. 972.3.6811224

email: mia dot kahliya at yahoo dot com