Once again..Starting Anew..

Once again..I haven`t been here in a while…and once again..quite a lot has been going on..hmmmm 🙂

A few months ago I was thrilled to inform you about the re-opening of “Kahliya” the shop here in Jaffa,Israel.It was exactly the time of the Jewish New Year..and I was excited about such a symbolic timing..one of “new beginnings..”

Well…how goes that saying about how “Man plans and God laughs..”?..its not exactly as if he laughs at us..I firmly believe he actually really would like us to do what we love..to be true to ourselves..the thing is..how much do we really really listen to our true authentic selves in these “plans”..?

How much do we swirm and wiggle ourselves into situations that do NOT represent our Total truth..?I agree this is not very easy..given the fact that we do have to adapt our “soul-selves” into a physical reality,many times it is difficult to tell the difference between “adapting” and denying our true selves..I believe it to be a learning process, one of many in our lives,one of trial and error,until we get it right,until we feel in our very bones,that it is right for us.

This process calls for much patience and compassion for oneself aswell as for others together with us on our journeys..with this tenderness,the determination to reach our truth delivers many rewards aswell as allows others to reach their own..

These days I am “re-reopening” my shop “kahliya”  🙂  in a different location here in Jaffa,israel,and within a slightly different context enabling me to embrace my truth more fully..

I am looking forward to sharing  more about the shop and it`s activities as I gradually resume preparations..!

Funny enough we are at a time of new beginnings again as we start a New year 2011!

~   ~   ~   ~   

Patience.. potion of the divine

Compassion..an elixir sublime.

Both of which take us on a road

paved of bricks of Gold

to where the sun always shines*.. 🙂

Wishing you all

Patience & Compassion,

taking the tiny steps

towards your own shining* 🙂 !

Much Love,



2 Responses to “Once again..Starting Anew..”

  1. Thanks for letting us know what is going on with you. In Italian, we say: l’uomo propone e Dio dispone.


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