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Tribute to Madeleine

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a few moments after writing the poem-“My Voice”

I decided to leave it there ,

allowing myself to re-polish it later, if needed.

I went out for my walk on the beach,

and continued to ponder upon this issue which has been travelling in my mind.

Am I ready to surpass my fears,

to express my voice..?

Am I able to deliver my message

amidst aggression and adversity?

Am I able to make myself heard

As I walked along the boardwalk,

I was suddenly struck by a troublesome image.

A young man,part of a group

grabbed hold of a crutch laying in the back of a disabled couple`s trolley,as they drove it passing by him.

The woman stopped the trolley,and turned around in a state of shock.

her voice trembling with fear,shouted ”why?” Why are you doing this..?

I immediately jumped,making a huge effort to overcome my own fear of this man and his group,aswell as what this agressive situation arises in my own recollections..

I echoed her in asking “why?”

followed by a few more words,

but the reactions had a growing negative inclination so I moved my attention to the woman sitting shooken up in the cart.

Her husband,feeling overwhelmingly helpless,took out a cigarette and could but remain contained..At a certain point he slowly eased,and as I asked if he was ok..he joined us in our communication.

I immediately embraced the woman who felt the relief of her tension turn to tears in my arms..I assured her everything is alright..that we have seen the end of it..and that she can now release..

How well did I comprehend the terror in her could I be assured it was over..? and yet I decided it would be..and the men left..

She feared to continue their I continued to console,offering depth and insight into this experience.

I was pleased to find her joining me in a dance of compassion,understanding the significance of her role delivered by Grace.. to Embrace, and not further among other things,the current racial hate, existing in our parts..

As she continued to thank me and my presence, I assured her she was granting me a gift of manifesting the mantra I was repeating in my mind as I had been walking.

“will I be able to be heard..will I transcend my fears of aggression..will I be able to speak my quiet voice of Love..?”

I shared with them a bit of my story,my experiences..and my own debates.

They were my fellow companions on the route for Love..searching through our own trial and much are we called to voice ourselves in a moment of threat,overcoming our own opposed to how much we are to surrender to the compassionate understanding of the frustration,confusion and blinded longing of the “other” who threatens..

I was overwhelmed by their grand spirits of light*..and couldnt help but wonder who came to the “aid” of whom..?

I have re-united with another two lovely souls of light who have taught me another lesson on my way..

Thank you Madeleine & Rafi..may the stars continue to shine on you their bright light..

*My Voice/Poem by Mia Leventhal

My Voice..
is one of quiet subtility,
one of Love in its purity.
I do not scream,
nor shout,
nor pout..
Are you willing
to hear me out..
just the same?

I will not debate you,
I do not hate you.
To me,
you are an essential part.
Are you willing
to truly listen
with your heart..?