Hello everyone..

Its been a long journey..and I admit to have been missing in action a lot here on my blog these past months..

as I have been trying to develop my personal handcraft line  Kahliya ..as well as devote my self to my Peace project “Aakhda”.This has proven to be quite an acrobatic act considering Im just one person..! 🙂

I have learned a lot in the process..and will be re-assessing in the near future how to combine my two projects in a more efficient way..

But meantime I have an announcement..! I have been invited to present a film on my peace project at the Sarajevo film festival this month,and Im very excited! I am currently working around the clock to resume its creation,and by next month I hope to be back with lovely experiences..

Stay tuned as I will also return to create..express ..and form a new productive way of combining all I do including you all more in the process as well.!

Please note also that Kahliya   and Aakhda


have a facebook page which I update regularly if you wish to join!


Hope to see you soon!

Blessings of Light*



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