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Happy New Beginnings – Shana Tova !

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Today is The first day of the Jewish New year,which is celebrated for 2 days.”Rosh Hashana”(New year),also marks the beginning of the “Ten days” dedicated to repentance which end on the final day of Atonement,the day of Yom Kippour.This period is a time of much reflection upon our ways ,re-evaluating,asking of forgiveness aswell as resolving to better our ways .I wish All those of Jewish Faith a “Shana Tova”,and to us ALL,Blessings to find the best way for ourselves and those around us.Much Love ♥




New beginnings/Mia Leventhal


Gently mending.

In joy of creativity,
New Beginnings..!


“Soul Inspirations” the Book and Cards!

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Im so excited to announce this joint venture of mine with my great friend Robert Der Alexanian, who is an amazing artistic photographer! Hopefully soon to have his own site to showcase his beautiful work!

For those of you who have been following my work, you know by now I write poetry some of which can be viewed at my poetry site – Soul Revelations (The link is always here on the right hand column).

For quite some time now I have been collaborating with Robert`s work of beauty, having been so inspired by his images,I would write a poem-message of positive inspiration for the soul..Hence..”SOUL INSPIRATIONS” was born!
We`ve collected 13 favorite messages into a small elegant book, for you to browse through and absorb your daily message!
We have also created these messages in form of Beautiful Cards, currently in a set of 5 chosen cards!



These wonderful inspirational messages are wonderful to keep close for your momentary need of a positive uplifting message,or as a gift to a loved one to sweeten their days..not to mention a perfect gift for the Holidays and a beginning of a Bright New Year!

Both items offered at Kahliya`s Online shop (Link to be always found here on the right hand column).



This year we are inspired to live FULLY in LIGHT* & LOVE

Much Love,

New recycled Plastic bags made by my Palestinian sisters!

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Hello everyone!

Check out the new bags My Palestinian sisters have made

from recycled plastic bags!
Just a small reminder about my project AAKHDA ,

in which I teach Palestinian women creative recycling and

Kahliya embraces them within its own activity..side by side we create,inspire and evolve..!



These bags are now offered for sale at Kahliya`s online shop!

                           (*Just sold!)

More changes..Embracing my sisters..

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Id like to Announce That “AAKHDA” which I have initially formed as a Non Profit Org.will close its current structure.
To view AAKHDA`s related post Here
“Aakhda`s” essence also remains intact and my current project of teaching and working with the women of Auja,Palestine will be embraced by my handcraft line “Kahliya“,
Which is devoted to promoting soul invested handcraft within total respect & celebration of all creation, Delivering a message of Love, and actively contributing to relations of Peace among ALL.
These women are my sisters and I totally embrace them within my own activity..side by side we will create,inspire and evolve..!
Check out my intitial formation of project AAKHDA with photos of me and the girls HERE

“Aakhda” will also continue to evolve and there are other projects planned!
For more info about the essence of AAKHDA and it`s projects in the future
Check out the site
aswell as its own FB page!
The products the women create will be presented for sale on Kahliya`s online shop!
Any shop or organisation interested in purchasing or contributing please contact me via email.
One of the amazing bags made by the women from recycled plastic bags,to be found at Kahliya`s online shop !
Thank you so much for your love and support ~
Much Love to you ALL
Mia ♥♥♥

Kahliya`s Handmade “Fairy Tunics” and the process of Handmade

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Check out Kahliya`s Latest  “Fairy Tunics” All handmade by myself with Much Love ,now available at Kahliya`s online shop !

Watch me explain about how I view the process of handmade whilst working on one of the tunics ..


Much Love ,



Posted in Uncategorized on 1,September,2011 by Mia here we go..
Those of you who have been escorting me for a while already know that “kahliya`s” journey as my own personal one has been going through endless transformation phases.I must admit I actually  feel good about it as it allows me and my project to breathe, grow and evolve!
The original essence of “kahliya” remains intact,as it`s ideals..I believe it is thrusting forward towards refining them even more..!
I am currently closing the shop in Jaffa..and will gradually transfer all Kahliya`s sales and activity online.For more info check Kahliya`s site and the link for the online shop (The link to the shop is always on this blog and on Kahliya`s site) aswell as Kahliya`s FaceBook Fan page.

I will be sharing much more of the essence ..message..and activities of “kahliya” here online so stay tuned and join me in creating more Joy and LOve in our world ~ ~

Thank you All for your love and support…
Much Love,Mia ♥