Transformation here we go..
Those of you who have been escorting me for a while already know that “kahliya`s” journey as my own personal one has been going through endless transformation phases.I must admit I actually  feel good about it as it allows me and my project to breathe, grow and evolve!
The original essence of “kahliya” remains intact,as it`s ideals..I believe it is thrusting forward towards refining them even more..!
I am currently closing the shop in Jaffa..and will gradually transfer all Kahliya`s sales and activity online.For more info check Kahliya`s site and the link for the online shop (The link to the shop is always on this blog and on Kahliya`s site) aswell as Kahliya`s FaceBook Fan page.

I will be sharing much more of the essence ..message..and activities of “kahliya” here online so stay tuned and join me in creating more Joy and LOve in our world ~ ~

Thank you All for your love and support…
Much Love,Mia ♥


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