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Yom Kipour- A day of reflection

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This evening commences The jewish “YOM KIPOUR”,a day of Atonnement and repentance,a period of 25 hrs of prayer and fast,inwhich it is a custom to ask of forgiveness for our sins and wish each other “Hatima Tova” a “good signing” with God`s mercy for the following year.
A moment of inner thought..and resolutions for the continuation of our journey.A moment of contemplation..reviewing our ways..our …values..

May we all find our way to the the light..thats unites..and shines bright..

* Potrait of Yeshayahu Leibovich,tribute to a man who was not afraid to review   the moral values of his own people.

Portrait and poem/Mia leventhal

I walk this thin line
At times
I wonder
What will I find..
At others
I feel I lose my mind
The sights I see
are so beyond me
Tiptoing among souls
Who each in his own right
believes to see the light
And yet..
We are All of Universe`s
Beautiful creation
What can we do
To find a way
giving each his say
Whilst paving the road
For us All to