Love Buzz – Valentine`s day ~

Tiptoing into the love buzzz ~  Its almost Valentine`s day..and whether you celebrate this tradition or really doesn`t matter..It`s just a lovely reminder to celebrate Love..

You don`t have to be in a relationship with another to celebrate Love..and you surely don`t need a specified day to do so..that would be very much a shame.. 🙂 For Love is the essence of our existence..and it is surely nice to stop and remember just in case we`ve forgotten along the way..

Love is the glue that keeps us together when everything seems to fall apart..Love is what pushes us to awaken to a brand new start..Love is what we feel when we gasp at a breathtaking glimpse at one of nature`s wonders or when we see a newborn express it`s first smile..

We have grown accustomed to celebrate the passionate romantic love of lovers ..which is not a bad thing..quite the contrary..but it is a very shallow and shortlived flicker of a flame without the love of source..the love of all creation ,within which resides the love of self. Most of us have never given ourselves much thought within the context of we were not brought up to do so.From early on our focus was to search for that which is outside of us..for answers..of truth..pleasure or even entitlement.Yet all the answers lay within us ,as we are a seed of the Divine.
Learning to love ourselves first,accepting all that we are, as a unique part of creation,without conditions, is the first step enabling us to unite with all of creation.. The Creator..Nature and All fellow beings with us ,as we all play a part and are interconnected in this marvelous puzzle called life.

For those who have not yet found their  soulmate ,I truly believe that as a result of ”falling in love with ourselves” and finding all we need within,our true partner appears in our lives to compliment us on our path,for it is in this state of being that we can truly celebrate this love bond and fly together to higher states of being..

Happy LOVE DAY everybody !

As I yearn For thee,

I wonder,

Is it not more of me

I search to be..?

The longing,

The Despair..

And yet,

It is All there..

For me to gather

And celebrate,


One day you will join me,

Never a moment too late..

Poetry & Art/Mia Leventhal


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