February Renewal by Carol bridges

                                    *ArtQuilt by Carol Bridges

February 2012

In many traditions worldwide, February is celebrated as the time of the Return of the Light. It is a good time to assess just where we are heading, shining the light on any areas that need attention. According to feng shui, there are nine major Life Endeavors that must be in harmony in order to have a satisfying life. These are:

1) Vision. A vision is something relatively unchanging which guides your life choices from birth to death. It is much more than a goal or a wish for something temporarily pleasant. Oftentimes, you knew this life vision well, though probably not is so many words, as a child and spontaneously headed in that direction.

2) Personal Sanctuary. This is a private space where you spend time checking in with your Higher Self, a place, ideally, where you have control over the environment (if it is in a room) or where you are always refreshed by nature (if it is a place outdoors).

3) Support System. This includes your family, ancestors, teachers and everyone who has helped you find your way. Who do you appreciate and how do you tell them?

4) Opportunities. Many people and events come your way each day offering possibilities which could lead to your wealth and happiness. The question is, “Are you ready to take advantage of them when they come?”

5) Passions. Those things which you love doing and find yourself able to totally give yourself to. This is where you “make a name for yourself.” By what works do people know you now? What words are often used to describe you? It is often in this area that you make your biggest “mistakes.” These are the lessons that lead to your eventual illumination.

6) Home & Partnership. The persons and place to which you are committed. This is where you try out your best ideas on a daily “put it to the test” basis. Your home and close loved one give you constant feedback as to what really works.

7) Creative Play. Your output of joyous expression including your art and your children. This area of your life also relates to how you process disappointment. How do you reach that deep well of inner nourishment?

8) Community. In order to have a full Earth life, we must all do things in behalf of each other as well as for ourselves. What groupings do you feel a part of? How do you give to your community? Do you support your local artists and merchants? Do you have a spiritual group who share your values? Do you belong to more than an internet community? How do you help others?

9) Health & Spirit. Your daily practices to honor your soul/mind/body are those things which keep you in physical health. Your daily practice of living for a purpose or a being higher than yourself is what brings everything else into alignment.

If nothing else, feng shui is thorough! You may think it is only about decorating, but this is just the popular simplification. Actually, it is about living in total harmony with the planet, the land, the people, all creatures, all of your furniture and tools, and every seemingly insignificant event. It is fun, of course, to just move the furniture. And in so doing, we move the world. Nice if we have a clue as to what direction we are moving everything!

Carol Bridges is the Author of several Beautiful books of guidance

A Quilt Artist  

And Offers retreats and workshops on Fengshui and more..for more info :http://www.sacredarts.info/


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