Happy Spring Equinox-Happy New beginnings

“With every new breath I start a new life, within the Dark I discover the Light.”  Welcome the Equinox!  Equal night and day, dark and light!  As we emerge from the male (light) dominated patriarchy to honor the suppressed feminine (dark) principle within and without we must face the wounds that need healing.  As the feminine feeling nature within each of us has been denied the masculine too has suffered.  As we evolve toward union may we come together through mutual understanding and compassion.”

The Dance ~

The Dance/Mia Levennthal

We are the ones

Who can feel

What we need to heal.

Our feet touch Mother Earth

And sense What she whispers..

Our souls reach high

And connect with the Holy Spirit..

Together In Alignement and in balance

We celebrate in Dance

All of creation, All that is..

We Dance In joy

And Ecstatic Trance..

In our Tears

We Release our Fears

Bringing forth

The Ultimate Joy

Ever so Near…


We Dance

We Dance

We Dance



^ Taken from my Poetry site – Soul Revelations