Shattered pieces/Mia Leventhal

Shattered pieces

Turn to

Shiny Glimpses

If you let them..

Waves of Ice

Turn to a slice

Of the most luscious fruit

If you ride them..

Stand out in the rain

unafraid of pain

Allowing every vein

The Glorious Dance

Of Transformation.

* Taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations

Towards the Abyss/Mia Leventhal


Towards the Abyss/Mia Leventhal

* Poem taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations



Along the footsteps

Towards the Abyss

There is absolutely nothing

We shall miss

We will search dig and probe

All across the globe

Until we shine

squeeky clean

like the sun itself

Has never seen

We are in  devotion

To lifes only magic potion

Total Love

The ELixir

Which makes us adhere

And slowly release all fear

We will do what it takes

And make all the possible mistakes

Because we are chosen

We are Golden

We will never let go of the journey

Until we become the shining light

We are meant to be

Sailing unto the horizon

Beaming and setting all free