Vegan Mince Pizza

Hey everyone!

Its been about a month since moving to Larnaca, Cyprus!
Theres so much to share .. and yet time moves along as we try to adjust to our new life in this lovely Island.
Its very hot here..and I thought I knew what hot weather we are graced with the sweetest apt near a mountain in a village called Oroklini and have lots of calm and even some breeze..
Learning to use the new ingredients at hand for me here..even though it is the Mediteranean,there are still slight differences..
in Spices and Veggies..checking out where to find the best offered to us and that suits my Vegan dishes..

Its taking time to integrate all but I finally feel Im slowly getting there..
The other day I felt like trying to do a Pizza with Minced dried Soja (Tvp) instead of minced meat ofcourse..and guess came out lovely!
It was quite spontaneous hence I dont recall the exact amounts at this time ,but its really very simple,quite quick and deliciously fun!

Ingredients for 2 medium pizzas:

Whole wheat flour (2 cups approx)
Olive Oil ( 2 Tbs approx )
Tepid water
pinch of salt,Pepper to be added to the dry flour.

Mince filling:
Mince soja/Tvp (1 cup approx)
1/2 Red Pepper finely chopped
1 largeTomato peeled and finely chopped (could probably use a bit more Tomato)
1 large onion finely chopped
1 Leek diced

2 Spring Onions finely diced

3 small Garlic cloves finely chopped.

Olive Oil

Salt, Pepper
Dried Sage


Baharat or similar Blend


Wisk the oil into the flour in a bowl.
Gently add the water,whilst mixing continuously,slowly creating a homogeneous dough.
Careful not to add too much water,when in doubt..less is can always add more if needed..
Mix together and knead dough with your hands,taking it out on the counter is easier.Knead the dough till you feel it is a nice,smooth, flexible yet firm dough,and refrigerate a bit.
Meantime in a frying pan,slightly oiled with Olive oil,Saute all Onions and Garlic,and as they golden
,Add the Mince that has been well drained and allow to evenly braise.
Add Red Pepper until softens slightly and add Tomato.
Add Spices and simmer till all blends together nicely,and close the heat.

Preheat Oven or even a toaster oven to about 200- 220 degrees.
Take the dough out of the fridge,knead a little on the counter,cut in 2 and create a ball as round as possible,then flatten dough rolling it with a rolling pin or a bottle as I used 🙂 (Not yet fully equipped)..
Roll out , not too thin and not too thick ,fill the wide center with filling and leave edges to fold into a crust.
Place on a baking sheet and put in heated oven for about 15-20 min depending on the strength of your oven.
Be attentive and see all sides are evenly baked.

Enjoy! 🙂