Homemade Pickles

I am a huge fan of Pickles..dont ask me why..I just am..not one for spicy stuff but Pickles I adore,though only the ones made in Salt..and here in Cyprus I have searched everywhere and have only found Pickles in Vinegar and sugar..which is a whole different ballgame..
SO..I just remembered that I used to make them myself..and actually..they come out even more awesome!I found a used large jar,got myself some Cucumbers and some Salt ..and as easy as one two three…….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have great Pickles!

Before I explain the very short and simple procedure,allow me to remind you that Pickles are actually a very important part of our health regime,aiding in digestion enormously,regulating intestinal flora and more..check out this site to learn more : http://www.mitoku.com/products/pickles/healthbenefits.html

Ok..so now here`s how to do it..

1 Jar sterilised in Boiling water,
Depending on the size jar you find :

Cucumbers to fill the jar.
They should be small and firm.

Sea salt

Garlic cloves

Pepper Corns

Herbs Optional (I like to use the classic for this which is Dill),Bay Leaf

Piment spice Optional

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rinse the cucumbers

Fill your jar

Peel a few Garlic cloves and place scattered in jar

Spread some Pepper corns into the jar

Add herbs and chilli peppers(or any other) if you like.

Prepare a sollution of 1 spoon Salt to a cup of Boiling water

and pour into jar filling it to the top.

Pour a thick layer of Olive oil to cover the top

Close your jar hermetically

Place in the terrace/sun on a piece of old newspaper as during the process it may spill.

Leave in the sun for about 2-3 days.Mainly depends on the heat and conditions.

Check that the fermentation has begun but not overdone.

The cucumbers begin to change color.

Place and keep in Fridge.

Enjoy! ~

Settling into Kahliya`s New Studio!

I am finally starting to settle into my new sweet studio in Oroklini ,Cyprus and Im so excited!

Ive recieved some of the fabrics I have shipped ,unfortunately I couldnt ship them all..But I have what to start with as I await the rest until I find my new finds.. 😉
I am also so fortunate to have been lent a sewing machine by my friend Joanne and I am soooooooooo happy to get going on my new creations made in CYPRUS ! Yayyyy stay tuned!

My little village

As Ive said in my earlier post..its been about a month since moving to Cyprus
Ive written about Cyprus after a few visits during the last few years Here Here and Here
..found a sweet apt in a village called Oroklini,just in the outskirts of Larnaca.The village is located near mountains and is very peaceful with a wonderful view towards the sea.
Its been very hot..very hot..reaching over 40 degrees and quite a lot of humidity..and yet Ive managed to do quite a lot to settle in quite smoothly and find myself around easily.
Many things are very familiar in a very mediteranean kind of way..and yet Cyprus has its uniqueness..to me I find it to be the interesting meeting point between being mediteranean and European at the same time.. That ..and well.. what impresses me a lot is the sense of esthetics..the cleanliniess and respect of ones surroundings,something ive actually found to be apparent in Greece aswell.I find this extremely inspiring as it symbolises a sense of respect.. a respect for ones self aswell as for the other..
I will continue to share as I go..meantime Id like to share with you some images of my sweet village and some small sweet spots in which such care is noticed..

Create Beauty in your life ~


Little do we realise how much power we have in our own little hands to create beauty in our lives..no matter what goes on ..no matter how much darkness may be present..all we need to do is reach out and plant one tiny little seed of Beauty to welcome the light to start gently beaming and healing anything it sees..
Any small gesture .. of Beauty…Yes..we CAN…Try it..Dont give into to doubt and disbelief or even postponement to when youre feeling more ”up to it”.. CHOOSE to do one small thing TODAY to CREATE Beauty in your Life.. Feel free to share here what youve done so we can ALL be inspired..



I planted a small sprig of Mint I got from the supermarket,put it in water for a few days to grow roots and planted it in a cut off top of a large plastic bottle once containing mineral water…and now its growing…! And I choose to watch it grow..and grow with it..!
Much Love