My little village

As Ive said in my earlier post..its been about a month since moving to Cyprus
Ive written about Cyprus after a few visits during the last few years Here Here and Here
..found a sweet apt in a village called Oroklini,just in the outskirts of Larnaca.The village is located near mountains and is very peaceful with a wonderful view towards the sea.
Its been very hot..very hot..reaching over 40 degrees and quite a lot of humidity..and yet Ive managed to do quite a lot to settle in quite smoothly and find myself around easily.
Many things are very familiar in a very mediteranean kind of way..and yet Cyprus has its me I find it to be the interesting meeting point between being mediteranean and European at the same time.. That ..and well.. what impresses me a lot is the sense of esthetics..the cleanliniess and respect of ones surroundings,something ive actually found to be apparent in Greece aswell.I find this extremely inspiring as it symbolises a sense of respect.. a respect for ones self aswell as for the other..
I will continue to share as I go..meantime Id like to share with you some images of my sweet village and some small sweet spots in which such care is noticed..


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