PAUSE where you are for one second… ♥
Take a deep breathe..
A real deep one..
And look..
What are you CREATING at this very second..? …

Are you creating Light..Love..Healing..?
Or are you CREATING Disharmony..Resentment..Anger..Frustration..
AT every given moment
we have the choice to create Harmony ~ and Light*
No matter what the circumstances..
Nomatter who or what is happening around you..   or within you…
WHAt you choose   Creates ripples that carries energy to all those around you
YOUR CHOICE CAN Help them too..
No Matter what has been or is being said or done..
To you..around you..or from you..
YOU ALWAYS   Can take a deep BREATHE   CONNECT to INFINITE SOURCE   and Choose the LIGHT*
This can ALWAYS Create HEALING   FOR ALL ~ MUCH LOVE ~ Mia ♥

*Photo taken from “Kahliya`s Soul Inspirations Message cards” By Mia (Leventhal)Michael and Robert Der Alexanian


2 Responses to “CHOOSE the LIGHT*”

  1. V LEVENTHAL Says:

    Beautiful !!!

    A girl after my own heart …..

    Could we be related , not just Family but also in Spirit ?

    What Joy for me who is childless on Earth to find a Spiritual Sister /Offspring who is also of my own blood !

    Some one who is in this world but not of this world , someone who would not ridicule my dreams of another life…. a Dream-life on Earth….

    Though raised in separate Continents 2 decades apart only briefly meeting a couple of time in childhood & adolescence , yet not yet even speaking a single word …

    How could it be that we have the same dream that pulls us out of mechanical patterns of reasoning of every day life to reach up to the sky …

    I have heard it said many many a time that God works in His own Mysterious Ways His Wonders to conceive …..

    And that Life is not a Problem to solved but a “Wonder” to be experienced… if only one knew how .

    Now in my Sixth Decade I have realised that there are essentials to be living in.. that Life .

    The presence of Love & of Light ; the Love that dispels all Fear …

    A Love that welcomes one home , that warms & comforts .

    The True Light that sets one free from the bondage

    of all things dark and cloudy that limits

    the true expression of the Soul.

    Now it is also my time to

    live in that life

    no longer



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