2013 Time to Fly ~

266455_10150271912985854_742865853_7688310_1829594_o (1)                       *Taken from Kahliya`s  ‘Soul Inspirational’ message cards

As we approach the end of this year and the beginning of a new one, we are all finding ourselves circulating many thoughts about our lives and where we are heading in our ways..where are we actually in regards to our dreams and targets..?
Time for resolutions..perhaps even transformations..
Our lives are full of challenges..on a daily basis.. sometimes we seem to find ourselves drifting away from what we once hoped for ourselves.. Sometimes what we encounter  just feels like it takes the best of us and we are left without any energy to do nor think of anything else.. Little do we realise..that no matter what we encounter IS actually part of the whole plan carefully designed exactly towards what we DO need to work on.. within ourselves ..to actually be able to reach those exact goals we wish for..

Oh..I know..it doesnt seem so..and we do so get side tracked ..ever so easily..but look carefully… All our challenges ARE really there to strengthen us..and perfect us..not deny us of our dreams..

SO.. wherever you are in this game… Go out there..and DO your thing…you weren`t meant to anything else.. Go out there..and

~ FLY ~


Much Love



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