We are All One ~

We are All One

Dear friends, I have recently relocated again ,this time to England for a while until we can hopefully return to Cyprus within a few months. Im so sorry I havent been able to be very active here, but all  this moving around has definitely made it difficult to tend to all the projects at hand in the same manner whilst new challenges are taking more attention. Needless to say, in spirit I am continuing to be very present as I continue to whip up new ideas, and I am looking forward to implement these ideas as soon as possible!

Its very funny how my life turns to incorporate so many shifts and relocations even when I least expect or plan..and yet as I ponder upon this..it does really summarise a lot of who I am..endlessly intrigued and inspired by the various cultures who walk this earth! And so..each and every change gifts me with more cherished experiences and I get to know more about my extended earth family!

As long as I can remember myself, I was Always so thrilled, no matter where I was, to have the opportunity to encounter someone from another culture..My eyes light up with excitement and all I want is to absorb all I can from this world of theirs, which is new to me..

Even these days as we live in England, we found ourselves searching for Mediterannean spices and foods which we have grown accustomed to and could not find in the local supermarket, and found a street full of shops carrying foreign products..Eastern Europe.Latin,Turkish … How grateful did we feel! Once again a chance to visit other people from other cultures and hear their stories! We met a Lovely man from Spain who sells products from Portugal and shared a bit of his experiences with us.. brothers from Kurdistan who sell Turkish produce..a Portugese woman married to a Man from Iran who sell Middle Eastern products..Asian products sold by people from China and Thailand..WOW… Every time we go there we get to visit the world..and learn..absorb..

We are just so happy they all exist to color our world…Don`t You…?

How boring and miserable would our life be if we all belonged to the same country ,religion and race..? We all bear in us variations of the pure truth, different notes and colors to add other angles to our learning experience..

This year 2013..think about that..take a small glimpse out your window and take in a message a neighbor of yours has come to deliver to you..enrichen your experience here on Earth..learn something about your brother from a world..other .. to yours.. !

*Post taken from AAKHDA ,my Humanitarian Peace project`s website.

Happy New Year, Much Love