Another Peace piece!


This is another piece of the new series “Weaving Love “, another part of my Humanitarian project “AAKHDA” inwhich I work with my Palestinian sisters in different themes of creative handcraft to help promote their work,aid in their income and create a dialogue of love !

AAKHDA is devoted to deliver a message of Togetherness among all.
Read more about this project here:

Weaving love ~ Humanitarian Project

and here:


Watch a clip of us working together :

In this series there is an exciting dialogue between my sisters and myself!
I am very enthusiastic about saving and promoting traditional handcraft and in this piece their traditional Palestinian embroidery is used to create the word “Peace” in a Mustard colored cotton thread on white cotton fabric, for which I created a frame by handstitching a  printed  silk (Remnants of the Paris fashion industry destined to be discarded)  in color theme of Mustard Pink and Brown to form a beautiful message of Peace!
This piece is backed with a creme color cotton fabric and signed “AAKHDA” at the bottom in Mustard color embroidery.

This is a lovely message of Love and Peace,carrying our loving energy within the dialogue of our work!
Wonderful gift of Love, Peace offering, decoration of beauty ensuring Peace and Harmony in the home etc
By purchasing this work you will be contributing to the continuation of this project and the wellfare of these women.

To view this Peace piece and the others in this series checkout Kahliya`s online shop !

Much Love


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